Hey Poor Podcast Episode 77: Middle Morph Stretch Waistband

On this week's thankful episode of the Hey Poor Podcast, I "Darth Icky" Coleman is joined by Bethany "Midnight Brownout" Meadows (and special guest Bethany's noisy dog) to discuss what little games, news, and questions managed to come out despite the Thanksgiving weekend.

Hey Poor Podcast Episode 76: Gotta Catch The Men

Hey Poor Podcast used "tons of content." It's super effective! On this week's extra-long, extra-chunky episode of the Hey Poor Podcast, I "The Poorest Player" Coleman, Anthony "Snorlax" Spivey, and Jay "Finest Memes " Petrequin get together to discuss a variety of topics, by which we mean…

Hey Poor Podcast Episode 75: The House That Videogames Built

It's another two-person show this week, as host I "Miko" Coleman is joined by Anthony "Smoooooth" Spivey to present to you a 100% stress-free guaranteed episode of the Hey Poor Podcast.

Hey Poor Podcast Episode 74: Everybody’s a Nerd For Something

It's kind of a loosey-goosey episode this week, since there's only two of us and we had to go a little off-book in order to fill the time. But it's all the better for it, because if there's any duo you can trust to be funny enough and…

Hey Poor Podcast Episode 73: Have Your Priest on Speed Dial

“Sponsored By Space Ron’s Space Trailer Emporium” This week on the Hey Poor Podcast, your host I “Eyeball” Coleman is joined by Anthony “Spooky” Spivey, Jonathan “Terror” Trussler, and Editor-in-Chief Francis “Dismemberment” DiPersio for a real COFFIN BANGER of an episode.  The scariest thing about it? We’re releasing two…

Hey Poor Podcast Episode 72: Ink Me, Please

“Stick That In Your Loot Crate And Smoke It” Take a trip to the Fuck-Up Box this week as host I “Bad Radio” Coleman is joined by Jay “Punished Venom” Petrequin and Anthony “Sexual” Spivey for an episode that’s straight fire emoji fire emoji fire emoji.  This week we…

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