Pac Is Back In Pac-Man World Re-Pac

Is This How You Like To Pac? While Pac-Man is always going to be associated with his classic game, our circular hero has long gotten involved in other genres and titles. One of the more memorable for a generation of players were the Pac-Man World trilogy which originally came…

You Can’t Keep Bomberman Down, Super Bomberman R 2 Coming In 2023

New Ways To Play Super Bomberman R was an unexpected success for Konami, getting continued DLC far longer than you’d expect a modern Bomberman game to. Apparently someone at the publisher decided they wanted to keep cashing in on the series as a result, because Super Bomberman R 2…

Redout 2 Review (PC)

Redout 2 Review: Zooming Past All Expectations   What comes to mind when you think of the word “fast”? 70 mph? 100? 200? What’s fast to one person may seem like a leisurely pace to another. But then you get to the exhilarating world of Anti-Gravity Racing (AG Racing…

Dragon’s Dogma II Is Coming, But That’s All We Know

Ten Years Later It’s hard to believe that Dragon’s Dogma released ten years ago. It still feels like it just recently came out. To celebrate this anniversary, Capcom released a video talking about the history of the game and everything that has come of it, including a Netflix animated…

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Reunion Continues The Saga This Winter

Zack Is Back Square Enix apparently decided that there wasn’t enough big gaming news over the last couple of weeks because they had a lot to share during their Final Fantasy VII 25th Anniversary stream today. While not the closing announcement, one of the biggest is that they’re remaking…

Consoles Get Legendary when The Legend of Bum-Bo Arrives Later in June

Dig For Treasure in the Darkness with The Legend of Bum-Bo   As one of the biggest fans of The Binding of Isaac around, I was already familiar with The Legend of Bum-Bo. After all, I was fortunate enough to review it a few years back when it came…

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