Trek to Yomi: Chapter 2 Guide

Sorry Homies We enter chapter 2 of Trek to Yomi with Hiroki and Aiko now as adults running the village. A group of warlords has been terrorizing neighboring areas, so Hiroki is sent out to help with a group of samurai. They’re all captured right away, though, which doesn’t…

Trek to Yomi: Chapter 4 Guide

Are You On The Path? At the start of chapter 4, Hiroki sees Aiko in the distance and follows after her. Run forward, and a vision ahead of her vanishes. Follow the path down. Soon you’ll find an old woman who warns you of a plague. In front of…

Trek to Yomi: Chapter 3 Guide

This Town Is On Fire Hiroki returns to his village to find it burning. He starts his desperate search for Aiko.  Run through the gate and up the stairs. As you head forward, you’ll find a collectible against one of the few non-burning structures on the left side of…

Trek To Yomi Treks To Game Pass This May

GTA Says Goodbye, Yomi Says Hello Microsoft’s first batch of Game Pass titles this May isn’t filled to the brim with high profile games, but we have a pretty solid list to get players started this month. Let’s check out what’s coming. NBA 2K22 (Cloud, Console) – Available Now…
EAS Early Summer Showcase | Pretty Girls Speed

EAS Early Summer Showcase Reveals More Than a Dozen Games

Summer Begins with Eastasiasoft   It’s been a long year, so why not relax this Summer with some new games from eastasiasoft? Today they shared the EAS Early Summer Showcase. It’s a trailer with an extensive group of upcoming games to share, many slated for a May or June…

Get Floppy This May with Floppy Knights

It’s Nearly Time to Get Floppy!   I’ve been hyped about Floppy Knights for a while now. But hearing that the release date is incredibly close, I’m more excited than ever. Especially since I’m a huge fan of tactical games. And since a certain revival of a classic is…

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