Casey Jones Joins Shredder’s Revenge for a June Release

Get Ready For Turtle Power Next Week with Shredder’s Revenge!   If you’re a gamer of a certain age, today’s news will put a smile on your faces. Dotemu and Tribute Games finally announced a release date for TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge. Better yet, it’s just a week away, coming…

Flashback 2 Revives A Classic This Winter

This Wasn’t On My Bingo Card Anyone playing a lot of games in the early to mid 90s remembers Flashback. It was hard to escape, eventually releasing on just about every platform that could possibly handle it. Later this year though we’ll be able check out the surprising return…

Keep Your Colonial Marines Alive In Aliens: Dark Descent

A New Kind Of Evil Games based on the Alien franchise have a mixed history, but there have definitely been highlights over the years. Aliens: Dark Descent hopes to land on the right side of that history when it releases in 2023, published by Focus Entertainment. Playing a brand…

Guile Is Back In The Fight With Street Fighter 6

Avoid The Leaks? The original World Warriors from Street Fighter II have a pull over the series even today, so it can’t be too surprising that Guile is back in Street Fighter 6. Still, further confirming recent leaks, Capcom revealed during today’s Summer Game Fest that the popular American…

Firegirl: Hack ‘n Splash Rescue DX Enflames Consoles This June

Summer Gaming Is Heating Up   As someone that’s been a fan of Firegirl since before they decided to add a DX to the title, this is pretty exciting news. Thunderful and Dejima have just announced that Firegirl is coming to consoles this June 22nd. The catch is, consoles…

WayForward Is Publishing LUNARK Digitally

Head To the Moon With WayForward and Canari Games   On the heels of lots of other exciting indie news today, here’s another great announcement. WayForward has just revealed that they’re working with Canari Games to publish LUNARK digitally. It’s a futuristic adventure inspired by games like Prince of…

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