HeyPoorPlayer’s Guide for Home Arcade Collecting

  Greetings gamers. Some of you may know from visiting the site that I’m a die hard fan of arcade games from the late 80’s and early ’90s. For the past six years or so I’ve made it a bit of a mission to fulfill my childhood dream and…

Rare: A Retrospective

The year was 1985. The video game world was just kicking off for good, with Nintendo leading the pack. Two brothers known as Tim and Chris Stamper were having many problems with software piracy. In their frustration, they decided to stop creating games for 8-bit computers, and focus more…

Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom Retro Review (Arcade)

Tower of Doom comes out with a boom!   Ever since video games crawled from the primordial stew of single-pixel organisms that birthed them, one definitive truth has always been certain: beating sprites until they flicker into nothingness is damn satisfying. No developer in the early 1990’s understood this…

Sengoku 3 Retro Review (Neo Geo)

Sengoku 3 is feudal fun!     Sengoku 3 is the final entry in the Sengoku series, a series of beat ‘em ups that featured a pair of heroes battling through modern cityscapes, as well as the heavens while battling a variety of demonic samurai from feudal japan. While…

Gunlord Review (Dreamcast)

Does NG:DEV.TEAM's latest Dreamcast release shoot to kill? Find out here.

Blind Plays: T’ai Fu: Wrath of the Tiger

TigerPillow and Raiku blind play T’ai Fu: Wrath of the Tiger.

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