The Coleco Chameleon Is Nothing But A Scam

Once the marvel of the retro gaming community, the Coleco Chameleon has become nothing but empty promises and lies wrapped together in a ball of black electrical tape Ever since it was first unveiled as the RETRO VGS, I’ve tried to keep a positive outlook regarding the Coleco Chameleon. After all,…

Pokemon Red And Blue Retro Review (Gameboy)

Gotta Catch ‘Em All in 1998   Pokemon Red and Blue… where do I begin with this? Pokemon has been a worldwide phenomenon since the pair of Pokemon Red and Blue came out for the original GameBoy in 1998. With over fifteen games in the franchise, six generations, and…

Kanye West To Title Next Album ‘Turbo Grafx 16’ Goes On Retro-Gaming Rant

Hip Hop’s most divisive star to name next album after NEC’s beloved console, waxes nostalgic about Neo-Geo and Turbografx It’s not often the words that come out of Kanye West bring a smile to our faces. After all, the infamously irritable rapper is typically known more for his epic…

Wai Wai World 2 Retro Review (Famicom)

Wai, Wai haven’t I heard of this game before?   As a child of the 80’s I was obsessed with my Nintendo Entertainment System. It was my duty to play every game that I could get my hands on. At that time I didn’t care about publishers or developers;…

Resident Evil 1.5 Footage Showcases Improved Zombie Pathfinding

Resident Evil 1.5 shambles closer to becoming a nightmare reborn The story of Resident Evil 1.5 is certainly an interesting one. The prototypical version of Resident Evil 2’s development kicked off shortly after work on the original Resident Evil was completed for the PlayStation in early 1996. In the following months,…

Retro Gaming Is Worth So Much More Than Novelty Value

Not all classics have aged gracefully, but pure fun is simply timeless   This morning I stumbled across an article that pondered the question, “is retro gaming worth anything other than novelty value?”.  Having nearly choked to death on my coffee after mouthing the headline, I sat and reflected on the…

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