Top 6 Retro-Gaming YouTube Channels 

Let’s Go Toobin’!   I long for the days of chatting about video games on the playground during recess. We didn’t need websites or magazines to tell us which titles were worth renting or purchasing, because we just went off our friend’s judgment’s and experiences. We didn’t need a…

What Is An RGB Modded NES And Why Do You Need One?

Pixel Perfect   I have to admit that I’m not a long-time collector of retro video games. Actually, it was just six years ago that I was cleaning up my storage area in my basement and came across a baby blue suitcase from the 80’s whose contents included my old…

Top 5 NES Game Power-Ups

Life in the NES’ glory days was hard, but these 5 power-ups kept legions of gamers going against all odds   Throughout the history of video games, billions of lives have been lost for a limitless amount of reasons. But thankfully, some games are a bit more lenient in…

You Must Play These 5 Neo Geo Games

Scratch that arcade itch with these five fantastic Neo Geo games   Few consoles in the history of gaming bring with them quite the allure of SNK’s Neo Geo. Originally released in 1990, the 16-bit powerhouse reigned for over 14 years as a 2D juggernaut, and was home to some…

Gekisha Boy Retro Review (PC Engine)

Film is Life   Looking at screenshots of Tomcat Systems and Irem’s Gekisha Boy you’d think it was a happy-go-lucky game about a photographer who finds himself in all sorts of outlandish environments and risqué situations, and in a way you’d be right, but underneath it’s cute graphics lays a…

Here’s How Resident Evil Would Have Looked As A 90’s Arcade Beat ‘Em Up

Resident Evil’s Jill and Chris look great in 16-bits   Survival Horror games are great and all, but sometimes it’s nice to just ditch the tension and go back to the tried-and-true method of cracking some skulls. DeviantArt user Juniorbunny  understands this dilemma, and decided to put his considerable talents on display…

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