Yogi’s Great Escape Retro Review (Atari XL/XE)

Better than your average bear! UK budget label Hi-Tec Software are most famous for their acquisition of the lucrative Hanna Barbera license. They spent years milking this for everything it was worth, using pretty much every character they had ever put in a cartoon, including such as luminaries as…

16-Bit Classic First Samurai Finally Gets A Sequel!

The First Samurai now becomes the Super Samurai as the classic platformer returns for the modern generation!   Back in 1991 Vivid Image unleashed the First Samurai on the world. Originally released for the Atari ST and Amiga with PC, SNES and Commodore 64 versions appearing the year after,…

After Burner III Retro Review (Sega Mega CD)

Time to join the jet set!   One of the chief criticisms people level at Sega when they talk about the Mega CD is why they never released any of their classic Super Scaler coin-ops for the add-on. With its hardware scaling chip, the Mega CD seemed like it…

Let’s Go Cruis’n Again – The Cruis’n Series Is Back With Cruis’n Blast!

One of the arcade’s very best racing series’ is back with a bang!   No sooner do we bring you the news that Sega are releasing a brand new arcade racer from a much loved franchise do we hear that Raw Thrills are following suit by bringing us a…

Daytona USA Returns To The Arcade!

ROLLING START!   Recently arcade giants Sega sent out a survey to gamers everywhere asking what they would like to see next from the historic company that was first founded in 1940 by American businessmen Martin Bromley, Irving Bromberg and James Humpert. The Japanese gaming giants had long been…

Top 5 NES Classic Edition Games to Introduce to Kids

Generation to Generation So you are one of the lucky few who are getting an NES Classic Edition (aka NES Mini) to scratch that nostalgic itch! 30 strategically hand-picked games are about to take you away to a time where phrases like “TPS reports” and “cutbacks” didn’t even have a…

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