Rivals Of Aether Review

That ain’t Smash Bros! Rivals of Aether wavedashed its way to a full release this year, and as a player since early access, I can safely say that this game has delivered. Let me give a little bit of backstory: I have been someone who has enjoyed Super Smash…

Domina Review

Are you not entertained? Remember that show Spartacus: Blood And Sand? For the uninitiated, it was an R-rated sex-and-death-athon telling the story of the titular gladiator’s rebellion against the Roman empire. I’ll admit, the show was totally a guilty pleasure. It mixed political scheming (and John Hannah chewing all…
Guardians Of The Galaxy

Telltale’s New Guardians Of The Galaxy Trailer

Guardians of the Galaxy Set For April Release Telltale Games, developers responsible for titles such as Minecraft: Story Mode, the Sam & Max series and Game Of Thrones (video game) has today revealed a fresh trailer for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series. Telltale Games are well…

Preview: All Walls Must Fall – Discotheques and Espionage

Bullets over Berghain If All Walls Must Fall isn’t on your radar, it probably should be. Aside from the fact that it’s a tactical time-bending espionage game (how could you not love that), it’s also coming from great stock with Spec Ops: The Line alum making up the bulk…

The Crow’s Eye Review

A dark and enthralling puzzler The Crow’s Eye is a psychological horror game that turns into Portal about halfway through its runtime. That’s not a negative statement, it’s a literal one – how else do you describe a series of linear puzzle rooms that you solve using a combination…

Monster Monpiece Arrives on Steam

Monster Monpiece is here, in all of its monster girl card-battling glory Idea factory has announced today that its moe-filled, monster card battler Monster Monpiece has officially arrived on Steam. Monster Monpiece takes place in an alternate world, inhabited by creatures known as monster girls. While many humans are content to…

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