Star Renegades Review (PC)

Futility has Never Been so Fun     It’s been a while since I’ve come across a game that ended up in the same way that Star Renegades has. I’ve spent countless hours over the past few weeks learning the ropes, strategizing, and, of course, dying a lot. Normally…

Saturday Morning Cartoon-inspired RTS ‘Dog Duty’ Released Across Consoles

Dog Duty Releases in Full After Six Years Two-person Indie developer team Zanardi & Liza have announced the full launch of the real-time tactics game Dog Duty. The game was initially released in early access for Steam in August 2019. The full version is now available on Steam, along…

Kickstarter Launched for Lonesome Village

Lonesome Village Kickstarter Launched for September 2021 Release Indie developers Ogre Pixel have launched their Kickstarter campaign for their new project Lonesome Village. Ogre Pixel is looking to reach the $20,000 goal over the next thirty days. Ogre Pixel has described the project as an RPG Adventure game, with…

Disgaea 4 Complete+ Is Now Available On PC

Out now on PC, Disgaea 4 Complete+‘s launch trailer showcases the SRPG’s cast and gameplay. Disgaea 4 Complete Plus+ is now available on Xbox Game Pass for PC and Steam with a 25% launch week discount. First released for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch last October, Disgaea 4 Complete+…

Re:Turn – One Way Trip Preview (PC)

Burning the Midnight Oil Coal     It’s been a long time since I had the pleasure of playing a good 2D side-scroller horror game. Or any 2D side-scrolling horror game. They’re not very common. And, considering that they have games like Clock Tower/The First Fear to live up to in terms of…
Serious Sam 4 banner art

The Popemobile Unleashes The Wrath of God In This Serious Sam 4 Trailer

Oh, Mio Dio! Watch Sam rapture alien scum from the cockpit of the Popemobile in Serious Sam 4‘s latest gameplay trailer During today’s Future Games Show, a new trailer for Serious Sam 4 was revealed introducing the ‘Popemobile.’ No, not that Popemobile. This isn’t il Papa’s iconic bubble-topped jalopy.…

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