new kirby

New Kirby Game to be “Action Fighting” Title

In the recent Nintendo Direct, we learned about three new Kirby games, one of which was only mentioned to be released this holiday season for 3DS; well, that, and…
hey! pikmin

Hey! Pikmin Developed By Arzest (Yoshi’s New Island)

How does this bode for the Pikmin spin-off? Ever since its announcement, there has been some confusion over Hey! Pikmin, a 3DS spin-off of Nintendo’s beloved real-time strategy series.…
new amiibo

New Smash/Zelda/Pikmin Amiibo Announced

So…Purple Pikmin amiibo, when? Amiibo hunters, get ready for some serious collecting this summer: new amiibo for three different Nintendo franchises were announced in today’s Nintendo Direct, including Super…

Three Upcoming Kirby Games Announced

All for Nintendo 3DS! Thought Kirby’s 25th anniversary would be limited to the Japan-only concert? Not quite! As announced in today’s Nintendo Direct, three Kirby games are being released…
puyo puyo tetris

Puyo Puyo Tetris slapped with streaming/video restrictions

Currently Japan-only; effects on other regions unknown. Better archive those Puyo Puyo Tetris recordings, as Sega is enforcing streaming and video restrictions for the crossover puzzle game. While this…
fire emblem echoes leak

JP Version of Fire Emblem Echoes Leaks

To reiterate: that’s the Japanese version. Fire Emblem fans, beware: the Japanese version of Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia has leaked a full 17 days before its release…

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