Final Fantasy VII G Bike To Race Onto Smartphones This Fall

  Rev up your engines and sharpen your buster sword, Final Fantasy VII G Bike will be racing its ways to smartphones this fall. The game, which was revealed in this week’s Famitsu, is an updated port of the original racing title that appeared in Final Fantasy VII’s iconic…

Super Monkey Ball Bounce Rolls Onto iOS and Android Devices This Summer

Aiai, Sega’s sphere-spinning primate, is making his way to iOS and Android devices this Summer with Super Monkey Ball Bounce. This upcoming Pachinko-inspired entry in the long running series will pit Aiai and 7 of his furry friends- each with their own unique abilities- against the evil Prof. Boscis.…

Sorcery! Review (Mobile)

By Steve Jackson Games For some, the term gaming means more than just video games. When I refer to myself as a gamer, tabletop RPGs always come first in my mind. They’re a core part of my life, ever since I saw my dad games mastering for his high…

Protoxide: Death Race iOS/Android Edition Trailer

The world had ended, but people still fight. And people still compete. Protoxide: Death race is a post-apocalyptic racing game now available for free on iOS and the Google Play store. It includes 4 single-player modes, alljoyn 2P2 multiplayer, an arsenal of vehicles with unique characteristics, 16 tracks and…

The Walking Dead: 400 Days Review (PC)

The Walking Dead: 400 Days has some big shoes to fill. Lee and Clementine’s adventure is one of the most emotionally charged stories I’ve ever experienced in all my years of playing video games. Watching the relationships I nurtured (or in some cases, neglected due to the game’s focus…

Shogun: Rise of the Renegade Review (Late to the Game) (Mobile)

SHMUP of the Shogun   Sometimes you just need to hop in a spaceship and blast stuff to bits. The shmup (or shoot ’em up, if you’re feeling nasty) genre of games has been a staple of video games since the early days of the arcades with games such…

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