No Man’s Sky’s Endurance Update Brings Plethora of Freighter Upgrades

In It For the Long Haul   No Man’s Sky sees its newest update breathing some new life into the freighters this time around, literally in this case. On top of seeing a lot of small quality of life improvements over the aging freighter system, we’ll be seeing their…

Explore a Candy Coated Nightmare in 2023 with Apopia, Try the Demo Today

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth in 2023   One of the best things about indies is you never know what to expect. Take Apopia: Sugar Coated Tale, for example. Developed by Quillo Games as the debut title in Happinet’s Indie Collection, at first it looks like a happy go lucky…

Souldiers Gets Massive Update, Includes Rebalance and QoL Changes

Things just keep getting better!     Souliders was already a great game when it released, but even great games aren’t without their imperfections. Fortunately, the devs over at Dear Villagers have been hard at work since the game launched in order to bring players a better overall experience. Souldiers…

Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield Races to SRG Next Week

Put on Your Running Shoes   It’s not every day a game I enjoyed reviewing gets the Super Rare Games treatment, but that’s officially happening next week. On July 21st, Headup is bringing Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield to the SRG storefront. This way fans can pick up the physical Switch…

ARPG Rogue-like Rivalia: Dungeon Raiders Opens Pre-Orders Today

Break The Curse!   If you’re a fan of rogue-like or ARPG games, you might be in luck. Today a new game called Rivalia: Dungeon Raiders opened up Sony console pre-orders. The game itself is developed by Gammera Nest and FSix Games, and is slated to be published by…

Prime Matter Unveils JRPG Mato Anomalies at Japan Expo Paris

Discover Dark Secrets in Mato Anomalies   Today Prime Matter had an exciting new title to unveil at Japan Expo Paris. Developed by Arrowiz, the title is called Mato Anomalies, and it’s a JRPG with a lot of promise. It’s about uncovering the truth and fighting against nightmarish monstrosities…

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