PVP Card Battler ‘Haxity’ Receives First Game Update

Update Added to Haxity Following Early Access Release Norwegian indie developers Megapop have added their first update to their project Haxity. The project is a PVP, card dueling game, released in early access last month on 17th June. The update includes a tutorial and UX/UI improvements to make the game easier to understand.…

Kickstarter Campaign For ‘Curse of the Sea Rats’ Extended

Curse of the Sea Rats Surpasses Kickstarter Goal In Nine Hours  Indie developers Petoons Studios have announced that they will be extending the Kickstarter campaign for their upcoming project Curse of the Sea Rats. The game can now be backed until Friday 9th July. Curse of the Sea Rats is a hand-drawn…

Bloody Ninja FPS ‘Shadow Warrior 3’ Gets A Gruesome Teaser Trailer

The gameplay reveal trailer for Shadow Warrior 3 coming July 11   Indie publisher Devolver Digital today unveiled a teaser trailer for Shadow Warrior 3, the latest installment in the long-running first-person shooter series. Set to release in 2021, Shadow Warrior 3 is in development by Warsaw, Poland-based studio Flying…
s.c.a.r title

This Early Access FPS Will Leave You S.C.A.R’d

This is definitely one S.C.A.R. you would like to pick. Serious Sam is probably one of the most niche FPS games ever created. Eschewing corridor-navigating, puzzle-solving, and key-hunting, the Sam games distill the shooter formula down to its most primal aspects and has the player mowing down hundreds of…

Diablo II Turns 20, Blizzard Celebrates

Blizzard wants Diablo fans to have a devil of a time. It’s Diablo II‘s 20th anniversary. Like, wow. As if I needed any further confirmation of my advancing age, the game is old enough to drink alcohol in most countries and states. Anyway. The folks at Blizzard are very…
3dSen title

3dSen Is Now In Early Access on Steam

Adding some new depth to old, classic games. It’s not often that we hear of emulators being sold on Steam. 3dSen is a bit of an oddity, having grabbed the attention of retro games for a number of years long before Steam got wind of it. 3dSen is a…

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