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Batwoman Season 3: True Destiny Review

Batwoman Season 3: True Destiny Review: Deeply Buried Secrets and Dangerous Revelations   It’s been a long wait for the return of Season 3 of Batwoman. Luckily, True Destiny didn’t keep us waiting. Things picked up pretty much immediately after the last episode, minus some spa time undoubtedly enjoyed…
Batwoman Season 3 | Tangled

Batwoman Season 3: Pick Your Poison Review

Let’s Just Say That Cactus Is Out of the Bag   I’m just going to be honest – I was quite impressed by this mid-season finale of Batwoman Season 3. It seems like the writing has gotten tighter and more compelling this season, and I’m very happy not only…
Batwoman Season 3 | Metamorphosis

Batwoman Season 3: How Does Your Garden Grow? Review

Tell Me There’s a Jar of This Somewhere   I’ve been waiting for an episode this good since the start of Batwoman Season 3. I don’t know what it is about episodes where all the loose plot threads start coming together, but How Does Your Garden Grow? was an…
Batwoman Season 3 | Crazy Chef

Batwoman Season 3: A Lesson from Professor Pyg Review

I’m Super Comfy Here   I’m happy to say the latest episode of Batwoman Season 3 is a return to form. Not only does it successfully embrace horror in a big way, but it brings together several plot threads that had been dangling. It all starts simple, with Sophie…
Batwoman Season 3 | Heat Lamps

Batwoman Season 3: Antifreeze Review

Reanimation Failure   Well, the good news is that Antifreeze is a better episode of Batwoman Season 3 than last week’s Freeze. The bad news is, it’s only a bit better, and still leaves a few huge unexplained mysteries in its wake. But I’m gonna strive to focus on…

Batwoman Season 3: Freeze Review

So You Invited Me Here Just to Show Me the Door   I’ll be really honest. When I saw the title for this Batwoman Season 3 episode was Freeze, I got excited. Cause there’s only one villain that could be referring to, the nefarious Mr. Freeze. And while his…

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