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the tick season 1b review

The Tick Season 1B Review

“Blaze of glory, end of story.” What the heck is a Season 1B? That’s a funny story. Amazon Studios, supposedly in order to “build up anticipation” and encourage discussion, released half of their revival of cult superhero parody The Tick in August of last year and held the other…
Stranger Things

Stranger Things Season Two Review

Returning to Hawkins Gets Stranger in Stranger Things Season 2 The beloved residents of Hawkins, Indiana, return in Season Two of Netflix’s uber popular Stranger Things. One year after the events of Season One and the gang’s still all here. Yet things aren’t actually back to normal. Far from…

The Tick Review

“What if you were awesome?” There are two moments that define this newest iteration of The Tick for me, and they both come in the fifth episode. In the first, the titular Tick and a series antagonist – grimdark Punisher parody Overkill – are gearing up for an Earth-shaking…

Game of Thrones Season 7: “Dragonstone” Review

Tell Them Winter Came for House Frey. It’s. Finally. Here. While the entry back into Westeros is bittersweet given that this is the second to last of two shortened seasons, in the end it really does feel good to be home. And a welcoming of epic proportions do we…

Santa Clarita Diet Review

A CRAZY Amount of Laughs It should go without say that this review will contain spoilers. If you have not watched Santa Clarita Diet yet, seriously, what are you doing? Go watch it! It’s on Netflix! It’s only ten episodes that are, like, thirty minutes long! Go! Now! Then…
voltron: legendary defender

Voltron: Legendary Defender Season 2 Review

In Voltron: Legendary Defender‘s second season, our Good Good Space Kids become Even Gooder Space Kids. Whenever something like Voltron: Legendary Defender comes around, I have this stupid voice in my head that likes to tell me I shouldn’t watch it, because it’s a reboot for fans of a…

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