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Moon Knight Season 1: Gods and Monsters Review

Who Wants To Heal The World? None of these Disney+ shows yet have fully stuck the landing, with Loki probably coming the closest to date. Even the shows that try to do something interesting and different mostly seem to feel like they have to go back to being a…

Moon Knight Season 1: Asylum Review

Between Sense and Nonsense Sorry that this review is a bit late. I’ve been moving to a new state over the last week, but I’m back with another review of Moon Knight. When we left Marc Spector and Steven Grant last episode, they’d been shot in the chest and…

Moon Knight Season 1: The Tomb Review

Wake Up! This is what I’m talking about. Finally, after weeks that felt like they were spinning their wheels in exposition, finally, Moon Knight feels like we’re moving forward in The Tomb. We pick up right where last week’s episode left off, with Steven unconscious in the desert. Layla tries…

Moon Knight Season 1: The Friendly Type Review

Lost To The Sands Marc Spector isn’t well. That much is clear very quickly upon our rejoining him in Cairo during the third episode of Moon Knight, The Friendly Type. This is the first episode where Marc spends most of the show in control, and we really get to…

Moon Knight Season 1: Summon the Suit Review

It’s All Been A Bit Of A Struggle For You Moon Knight’s second episode starts right where most things seem to begin for Steven Grant—waking up in bed with a chain around his ankle. It’s enough to make him almost hope that the ending of the first episode, where…

Moon Knight Season 1: The Goldfish Problem Review

Steven Grant Of The Gift Shop   Steven Grant doesn’t like to fall asleep. He does puzzles, solves Rubik’s Cubes, reads history, listens to recordings of people telling him how to stay awake, anything to keep his mind active. When he finally does sleep, he chains himself to his…

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