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Eclipse Phase: Morph Recognition Guide – Tabletop Review

Durability. Security. Buyers remorse. These are the perils players face when selecting their new body in Eclipse Phase. The Morph Recognition Guide will help you find the right body for the right job. The Set-up Eclipse Phase is a game with a lot of fine moving parts. I won’t go…

Monty Nero’s Death Sentence Comic Review

You slept with the wrong bloke and now you've got six months to live... and new superpowers. You may as well go out with a bang!

Eclipse Phase Tabletop Review

Publisher: PostHuman Studios; Format: Digital Formats; MSRP $19.95 Digital Technology. It comes to define us as a species. Ever since we saw that first spark when two rocks collided we were in love. We made wheels. Then pulleys. Then we had printing presses and clipper ships. Where does it…

The Art of Watch_Dogs Book Review

  Author: Andy McVitie Publisher: Titan Books As something to whet our appetites in anticipation of Ubisoft’s May release of Watch_Dogs, the good folks at Titan Books were kind enough to float us a copy of the Art of Watch_Dogs. Deadpixels and I were both very excited, myself particularly…

Demon: the Descent Tabletop Review

The old saying goes: everything happens for a reason. Whether or not you believe that, let’s assume it’s true. Why do good people suffer? From where do weird unexplained things stem? Who calls the shots? What’s to blame? Is anyone truly in charge? The answers to all of those…

Urban Arcana – Tabletop Retro Review

Back in the nineties and in the aughts, there was a sea change concerning a beloved system you might have heard of called ‘Dungeons and Dragons.’ For those of you more inclined towards the video game set, you might recognize it as something akin to a console war. Wizards…

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