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Urban Shadows Tabletop Review

Lurking in the Urban Shadows  Drop the buckets of dice you need to play Dark Urban Fantasy. There’s a vampire on the corner hooking hapless humans on its blood. There’s a demon making deals with desperate people who just need something too badly to say no. Werewolves stake out…
Batman: Arkham Knight novelization

Batman: Arkham Knight Novelization Review

Video game novelizations: the best thing since fanfiction.   Folks, I’m going to start this review off by removing the cowl and talking a little bit about myself, out from under the superhero identity of “video game journalist man.” While I love video games, they’re far from my only…

The Elder Scrolls Online: Tales of Tamriel Book 1: The Land – Book Review

One tome to rule them all   With the release of The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited fresh on the minds of PC gamers, and less than a month away for those who plan to explore the realm of Tamriel on consoles, publisher Titan Books and Bethesda Software have…

Apocalypse Now Now Book Review

School is a difficult time in any youngsters life. Social cliques. Gangs. Peer Pressure. And lots and lots of creature porn. Wait, what? The Setup   School life is hard. There are academic expectations, new and awkward social interactions, bullies, cliques, gangs, great unknowns, and porn. Lots and lots…

Firewall (Eclipse Phase) Tabletop Review

Firewall: transhumanity’s hidden saviors, fighting existential threats to the species The Eclipse Phase roleplaying game takes place in a future world in which subverted artificial intelligences – the TITANs – nearly wiped out the transhuman species. While the manipulations of the TITANs were subtle at first, there were those who…

Unplugged – Wraith 20th Edition Kickstarter

Wraith will drag you down to Hell… and that’s only the beginning I love ghost stories. Always have. Even as a kid, ghosts fascinated me. Invisible, unseen, potentially everywhere. Spooks, spectres, poltergeists, and wraiths. Couldn’t get enough. This is why Wraith: the Oblivion was so special for me. In…

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