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Mob Psycho 100 Episode One Review

Paranormal OnePunch Man Starts Out Strong The announcement that Mob Psycho 100 was going to get an anime series so close after OnePunch Man aired surprised me. The fact that ONE (the creator of both manga) was going to be closely working on this one as well was a…
danganronpa 3

Danganronpa 3 Side: Future Episode 1 Review

The final chapter begins   The decision to end the story of Hope’s Peak Academy with an anime series instead of a new game was one that I don’t think we ever would’ve expected. It seemed like an odd change, even when series creator Kazutaka Kodaka stated that it…

DAYS Episode One And Two Review

Not to be confused with 91 Days this season Sports manga and anime are very much aplenty. From back in the 90’s with Slam Dunk, to more recent affairs with Haikyu and Kuroko no Basket, sports has been a prevailing genre in Japanese animation. As such, most series fall…

Hotline Miami: Wildlife Issue #1 Review

I got this weird call from a guy asking me to review a comic… Hotline Miami made a big impression with its pounding synthwave soundtrack;  a trippy, psychedelic neon-drenched eighties setting; and its ultraviolent gameplay. The story – concerning a man receiving mysterious phone calls telling him to go…

New Game! Episode One Review

What happens when there is no vision for a show   Usually in any anime season, there is one or, if you are lucky, two special shows that are unlike any others. These are the type of shows that challenge the whole idea of what “anime” is really all…

ReLIFE Series Review

Going back to school can be great Do you hate being an adult? Have you ever wanted to go back in time and relive your high school years? Did something happen to you that you changed your view on the world? Then maybe all that you desire is to…

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