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Justice League Review

Avengers, Assemble— Oh, Wait . . . Justice League is a solid film. From its earliest moments, through its opening credits (an area I think the DCEU consistently nails), Justice League had me hooked—and it kept me thoroughly entertained throughout its two-hour-long runtime. Full of impressive (and sometimes unique) action…
Alien: Covenant Origins

Alien: Covenant Origins Review

See Where It All Started (Again) With Alien: Covenant Origins Coming out just after Alien: Covenant’s release to DVD and Blu-Ray, Origins is, well, exactly what you think it would be. Before the voyage of Weyland-Yutani’s greatest project takes flight into deep space, Origins treats readers with the trials…
Stranger Things

Stranger Things Season Two Review

Returning to Hawkins Gets Stranger in Stranger Things Season 2 The beloved residents of Hawkins, Indiana, return in Season Two of Netflix’s uber popular Stranger Things. One year after the events of Season One and the gang’s still all here. Yet things aren’t actually back to normal. Far from…
A Silent Voice 6

A Silent Voice Movie Review

A story that does not deserve to go unheard Anime tends to focus a lot on less realistic stories with more supernatural or futuristic settings. It’s not too often that we get an animated work that focuses on a realistic story in a grounded setting. A Silent Voice is…

A Column Of Fire Review

By Night He Went Ahead Of Them In A Column Of Fire. It is the year 1558, and fans of Ken Follet’s Pillars of the Earth find themselves once again in the city of Kingsbridge. Now four hundred years after the events of Pillars of the Earth, and two…
Further Associates of Sherlock Holmes

Further Associates of Sherlock Holmes Review

“You See, But You Do Not Observe.” There’s a remarkable fallacy that seems to be subverting the mystery genre these days. Maybe it’s just because I myself read so little of it anymore. Perhaps it’s a trait I’ve overlooked until recently. Yet I feel it needs to be brought…

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