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Rise of Raam

Gears of War: Rise of Raam #2 Review (Comic)

Raam-Stein The story continues in issue two of the Rise of Raam series from IDW. For those that don’t know, or missed my last review, Gears of War: Rise of Raam follows the story of Raam, the main antagonist and leader of the Locust in the first Gears of…
My Hero Academia Volume 11 review

My Hero Academia Vol. 11 Review

All Might goes all out! Warning: It’s absolutely impossible to discuss this volume without diving into spoiler territory. Fans caught up with the manga need not heed this warning, but if you’re only following the volume releases, go grab this already! Our first My Hero Academia review opens with…

How To Stop Time Review (Book)

“We’re Not Superheroes. We’re Just Old.”   What would you do if you could live forever? Well, maybe not forever. What if you could live for hundreds of years? Like, near or even beyond a millenium? And what if you weren’t the only one? What if there was a…
the promised neverland volume 2

The Promised Neverland Vol. 2 Review

More mysterious abound in this masterful thriller! The first volume of Kaiu Shirai and Posuka Demizu’s The Promised Neverland was unlike anything else Weekly Shonen Jump had published prior, with its raw, heartbreaking spotlight on children planning a life-or-death escape from a human farm. With Shirai’s storytelling constantly shifting…
one piece 85 review

One Piece Vol. 85 Review

The wheels are set in motion to crash Big Mom’s latest political marriage!   One Piece is my favorite manga of all time, so it’s only fair I make a confession for my first review: I’m not that crazy about the Whole Cake Island arc. Yes, it’s wonderfully creative…

Dragon Ball Super Vol 2 Review

The Universe 6 and 7 invitational tournament continues! Will volume 2 be ‘Frost’-y or a big ‘Hit’? The second Dragon Ball Super volume covers chapters 10 through 15, with a ton of story covered. The “Champa saga” ends by chapter 13, leaving 14 and 15 to kick off the…

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