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My Hero Academia Volume 18 review

My Hero Academia Vol. 18 Review

The Yakuza’s been eliminated, but what’s next? And so ends the belabored, divisive saga of Overhaul and his Yakuza goons. As if channeling writer/artist Kohei Horikoshi’s own fatigue, Volume 18 of My Hero Academia wastes no time in pummeling Overhaul himself, opening with an Eri-charged Midoriya engaging the mafia boss…
dr. stone volume 4

Dr. Stone Vol. 4 Review

Glass, gas masks, and cola — all for the sake of mankind. It bears repeating that I am never not stunned at how promptly — how expertly — Dr. Stone picked itself up after its stumbling opening. Not that we weren’t aware of Riichiro Inagaki’s storytelling genius thanks to…
the promised neverland volume 8 review

The Promised Neverland Vol. 8 Review

Little kids and guns? You ain’t seen nothing yet. As anyone who’s engaged with any and all media knows, it is the destiny of the crotchety old man to open up and bare the bleeding heart he possessed all along. While The Promised Neverland‘s mysterious “Geezer” — the eccentric…
my hero academia volume 17 review

My Hero Academia Vol. 17 Review

Can Lemillion and Deku smash through faulty storytelling? As we dive into the climax of My Hero Academia‘s Overhaul arc — the most divisive saga of Kohei Horikoshi’s wildly popular shonen — we must ask ourselves: is it really that bad? Certainly, there exist valid criticisms: the Yakuza’s a…
one piece volume 89 review

One Piece Vol. 89 Review

It’s almost over! Another One Piece volume, another escapade courtesy of the Whole Cake Island saga. As confirmed previously, no, Volume 89 doesn’t conclude Big Mom’s Straw Hat pursuit, but fret not: not only do things actually happen, said chase is finally winding down. The One Piece fan’s mileage…
nyankees volume 1 review

Nyankees Vol. 1 Review

Gangsta kitties! Call it my crazy cat bias, but Nyankees possesses the most arresting visual premise I’ve recently encountered in manga. The title’s joke referencing its core premise of “Japanese cats acting like yankees” (“Nyaa” being Japanese for “meow”), the fluctuation of stray cats visualizing themselves as rough-and-tumble gangsters…

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