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the promised neverland volume 7 review

The Promised Neverland Vol. 7 Review

The Man — and by that, I don’t mean the police — is here. Now this is more like it — fascinating as demons Mujika and Sonju were, The Promised Neverland‘s at its best when continually instilling cutthroat pressure threatening to terminate our young heroes’ jailbreak (and, by association,…
silver spoon volume 6 review

Silver Spoon Vol. 6 Review

Before I review Silver Spoon Volume 6 proper, I must first apologize for not reviewing Volume 5. That absence was a last-minute cut, as arriving smack-dab within last fall’s VIZ review copy tsunami rendered Hiromu Arakawa’s slice-of-life series a lesser priority (recall it’s instead localized by Yen Press; in…
my hero academia volume 16 review

My Hero Academia Vol. 16 Review

Red Riot Strikes! So, uh, awkward confession from yours truly: for whatever reason, components of My Hero Academia in everything from character deaths to cast members  slip from memory easily — can you believe there was a time I forgot Tokoyami existed? — and having read through Volume 16…
astra lost in space volume 5 review

Astra Lost in Space Vol. 5 Review

The Astra’s tale ends. WARNING: As mentioned previously, this review of Astra Lost in Space’s final volume will openly spoil any and all plot twists in this volume. Save for reading this review until you’ve read Volume 5! The star-flung adolescents of the Astra crew? Clones created for the…
we never learn volume 1 review

We Never Learn Vol. 1 Review

Scholarships, tutoring, and cute girls, oh my! Poor genius Nariyuki Yuiga’s this close to achieving his dream scholarship, and in recognition of his hard work, the principal’s more than happy to grant his wish…on one condition: that he tutors Ichinose Academy’s two legendary geniuses – bookworm Fumino Furuhashi and…
one piece volume 88 review

One Piece Vol. 88 Review

Boy, is this getting long in the tooth. In One Piece Volume 87, we previously discussed Eiichiro Oda’s penchant for false prophecies — specifically, his infamous “estimates” on arc longevity– and I now find it imperative to elaborate further on an interrelated lapse in protracted arc climaxes. Be it…

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