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Blade Runner 2019 #1 Review

An Unfamiliar Blade Runner In a Time-Honored Dark Future     This coming Fall holds great import for die-hard science fiction cinema fans. After all, November 2019, was the backdrop for Ridley Scott’s science-fiction cult hit, Blade Runner (1982). This provided perfect timing for Titan Comics to release their…
dr. stone volume 5 header

Dr. Stone Vol. 5 Review

It’s time for science! And cheating. Just how is Dr. Stone so good? I know, I can’t stop gushing over its post-Taiju volumes, but just compare how that series stumbled out the gate — not the least in a rushed premise and two protagonists, one charismatic and the other…
one piece volume 90 review

One Piece Vol. 90 Review

Make way for the Reverie. It’s over, it’s over. It’s finally over. After begging and pleading for Whole Cake Island’s three-volume climax to end, my wish is finally granted as of One Piece Volume 90. As we inch ever closer to triple-digit volumes, we spend the first couple chapters saying…
snow white with the red hair volume 1 review

Snow White with the Red Hair Vol. 1 Review

Sorata Akizuki’s classic shojo finally hits America! So here’s a surprising fact I came across when researching Snow White with the Red Hair: this ongoing fantasy-romance shojo debuted way back in 2006! How Sorata Akizuki’s classic manga remained unlicensed for this long remains a mystery, but whatever the case,…
the promised neverland volume 9 review

The Promised Neverland Vol. 9 Review

The hunters become the hunted. It says something about The Promised Neverland‘s stunning quality that Volume 9’s mid-way twist — confirming a long-lost character’s survival — isn’t its most jaw-dropping moment; if anything, I’d suggest it’s impossible to pick, considering Volume 9’s immaculate blend of survival and mystery renders…
My Hero Academia Volume 18 review

My Hero Academia Vol. 18 Review

The Yakuza’s been eliminated, but what’s next? And so ends the belabored, divisive saga of Overhaul and his Yakuza goons. As if channeling writer/artist Kohei Horikoshi’s own fatigue, Volume 18 of My Hero Academia wastes no time in pummeling Overhaul himself, opening with an Eri-charged Midoriya engaging the mafia boss…

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