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nyankees volume 1 review

Nyankees Vol. 1 Review

Gangsta kitties! Call it my crazy cat bias, but Nyankees possesses the most arresting visual premise I’ve recently encountered in manga. The title’s joke referencing its core premise of “Japanese cats acting like yankees” (“Nyaa” being Japanese for “meow”), the fluctuation of stray cats visualizing themselves as rough-and-tumble gangsters…
case closed volume 69 review

Case Closed Vol. 69 Review

An English-friendly Conan? You’re kidding! Ah, the rare Case Closed volume where there’s not a drop of kanji/Japanese wordplay around! We’ve long since elaborated on the unavoidable language barriers within Gosho Aoyama’s famous mystery series, but even if I prefer to simply let the cases coast along and surprise…
dr. stone volume 3 review

Dr. Stone Vol. 3 Review

“Get excited!!” Now this is more like it: steady pacing! A burgeoning new world! An engaging cast! In Dr. Stone’s rush to dodge the editorial axe, its opening fumbled with inconsistent, one-note protagonists and hurried storytelling. When the titular Dr. Stone (brainy Senku Ishigami, for those just catching up)…
the promised neverland volume 7 review

The Promised Neverland Vol. 7 Review

The Man — and by that, I don’t mean the police — is here. Now this is more like it — fascinating as demons Mujika and Sonju were, The Promised Neverland‘s at its best when continually instilling cutthroat pressure threatening to terminate our young heroes’ jailbreak (and, by association,…
silver spoon volume 6 review

Silver Spoon Vol. 6 Review

Before I review Silver Spoon Volume 6 proper, I must first apologize for not reviewing Volume 5. That absence was a last-minute cut, as arriving smack-dab within last fall’s VIZ review copy tsunami rendered Hiromu Arakawa’s slice-of-life series a lesser priority (recall it’s instead localized by Yen Press; in…
my hero academia volume 16 review

My Hero Academia Vol. 16 Review

Red Riot Strikes! So, uh, awkward confession from yours truly: for whatever reason, components of My Hero Academia in everything from character deaths to cast members  slip from memory easily — can you believe there was a time I forgot Tokoyami existed? — and having read through Volume 16…

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