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dr. stone volume 7 review

Dr. Stone Vol. 7 Review

Merry Christmas! What a time to be a Dr. Stone fan — the manga’s still going strong at over a hundred chapters, the anime adaption’s one of the most popular and critically-acclaimed debuts this year, and even creators Riichiro Inagaki and Boichi are dropping by AnimeNYC to discuss their…
the promised neverland volume 11 review

The Promised Neverland Vol. 11 Review

Goldy Pond’s terror ends. With Volume 11 closing the book on The Promised Neverland‘s bloodiest chapter — that being Goldy Pond’s terrifying hunting grounds — it only stands to reason the series’s momentary transition into a suspense/battle hybrid enthralls to the very end. Thanks to the impeccable teamwork of…
my hero academia volume 20 review

My Hero Academia Vol. 20 Review

Who’s ready to rock?!? It’s hardly uncommon for manga artists to patch up their work for the volume compilations, be it fixing egregious mistakes or tinkering with stylistic preferences. While casual fans are typically none the wiser, even the most inattentive Shonen Jump reader would wince at a more…
one piece volume 91 review

One Piece Vol. 91 Review

Dosukoi! For those just joining us, it’s not very often I share panels from the manga I review — much as I’d like to highlight the exceptional artwork found in the Japanese comics I review, scheduling conflicts induce an uncertain mixture between digital libraries (wherein panels are easily lifted)…
twilight princess volume 5 review header

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Vol. 5 Review

No, I don’t have something in my eye… Time and time again, I’m never not astounded how much more I’m enjoying Akira Himekawa’s The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess more than the source material. As someone who holds Nintendo’s legendary video game series in high regard, this opinion should…
snow white with the red hair volume 2 review

Snow White with the Red Hair Vol. 2 Review

The romance continues. When I reviewed the first iteration of Sorata Akiduki’s Snow White with the Red Hair, I left its idyllic castle life content with the pleasantness that first transpired in 2006. This same complacency endures with its second volume, settling onto the premise introduced in the first…

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