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the promised neverland volume 16 review

The Promised Neverland Vol. 16 Review

The promise is finally set. The gears began shifting over the past couple installments, but as of Volume 16, it doesn’t take an official announcement to deduce The Promised Neverland is approaching the endgame. With Norman initiating his genocidal assault as the series’ titular promise is finally bound between…

One Piece Vol. 94 Review

Sunacchi! With Eiichiro Oda’s pirate-swamped seas being as dense as they are — each individual island and culture weaving into a rich, conspiracy-laden tapestry stretching back some eight-hundred years — it’s hardly uncommon for plot agents slithering just underneath our notice to suddenly coalesce into the bigger picture, often…
dr. stone volume 12 review

Dr. Stone Vol. 12 Review

Adventure Science is out there! Alright, now the Dr. Stone ball’s rolling! Or should I say the motor, since this volume’s occupied with building a giant motorboat. (Wait, but that’s not how motors work…) Maybe the last volume of Riichiro Inagaki’s beloved Shonen Jump manga got a little too…
the promised neverland volume 15 review

The Promised Neverland Vol. 15 Review

Just an FYI: I’ve never caught on to any of Kaiu Shirai’s “hardcore hints”. Some TPN fan I am… Take a good look below at the cover depicting Emma and Mujika’s embrace; yes, the latter — a kind-hearted demon who disregards her species’ affinity for human affinity — is…

My Hero Academia Vol. 24 Review

Chillin’ like a villain! Kohei Horikoshi’s opening Author Notes apologizes for Volume 24’s distinct lack of Izuku “Deku” Midoriya; actually, aside from forbidden photos or the occasional chapter cover, not a single hero’s spotted within the latest volume of My Hero Academia. Indeed, Spinner’s banner replacement on the cover…

Jujutsu Kaisen Vol. 4 Review

This is the same series? For real? Fellow manga connoisseurs, I stand before you today served with a delectable plate of crow. That stupid Jujutsu Kaisen comic — the one I initially judged as another clunker ready and primed for Shonen Jump’s axe — has steadily morphed from a…

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