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Batwoman Season 2: Prior Criminal History Review

Dead But Not Forgotten     After last week’s heady and well choreographed premiere of season 2 of Batwoman, I hoped it could keep the momentum going. And for the most part they succeeded. My only issues with this episode were some suspension of disbelief moments. I know those…

Batwoman Season 2: What Happened to Kate Kane? Review

Different Actress, Same Hero I have to admit, I wasn’t sure how Batwoman was going to continue without Ruby Rose. Not that I necessarily loved the actress, but everything in the show’s universe revolved around her. Her father is the Commander of the Crows, her deranged twin is the…

Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious – Defender of the Daleks Review

HPP reviews Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious - Defender of the Daleks. A compelling and well written comic full of heart and mischief.
Virtual Cities

Book Review: Virtual Cities: An Atlas & Exploration of Video Game Cities

Get to the Cloud District often with Virtual Cities! I like to joke in my bio that I’ll never complete the Civil War questline in Skyrim and I’m okay with that, but there’s a really good reason behind it: I fell in love with Whiterun and I never want…
dr. stone volume 13 review

Dr. Stone Vol. 13 Review

Time for the ultimate application of science: Beautification! Don’t you just hate it when that happens: you’re thoroughly enjoying the latest installment of your favorite manga — a veritable page-turner  gut-busting mischief and gripping developments — and before you know it…it’s over. In this case, Dr. Stone Volume 13’s…
spy x family volume 2 review

Spy x Family Vol. 2 Review

Ready for more Anya love? In discussing the benefits of the worldwide Manga Plus app — where Shueisha manga’s localized in English the same day as Japan — Shonen Jump+ editor Yuta Momiyama recently cited Tatsuya Endo’s Spy x Family as a popular standout. As an American who has…

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