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Batwoman Season 2: It’s Best You Stop Digging Review

Thanks Luke, Very Helpful   I admit this week of Batwoman wasn’t what I was expecting. Especially after the events of the previous episode. See, I thought this episode would be the culmination of a few narratives intersecting on the island of Coriana. Instead, Ryan spent most of the…

Batwoman Season 2: Do Not Resuscitate Review

Hope You Like All Nighters   Okay, I’ve been trying to dance around one particular spoiler in my coverage of Batwoman for a while now. But since there’s an entire episode dedicated to it, time for us to be open. Do Not Resuscitate is about many medical issues, but…
batwoman gore on canvas recap

Batwoman Season 2: Gore on Canvas Review

I Don’t Take Orders From Crows   After last week’s episode of Batwoman felt more like a letdown, I’m happy with Gore on Canvas. I wasn’t at first, and worried it was focused too much on the Crows. But it actually managed to move things forward effectively, and didn’t…

Batwoman Season 2: Fair Skin, Blue Eyes Review

More Fang For Your Buck   With the return of Batwoman this week, I’m gonna try something new with with formatting. Instead of a hard recap with minimal opinion, I’m gonna attempt more analysis and less rehash. Mainly to avoid ruining the episode for those who still want to…

Batwoman Season 2: Bat Girl Magic! Review

The Bat is Back – In Black!   I wasn’t sure what to expect from the third episode of Batwoman season 2, titled “Bat Girl Magic!”. I may be predominantly white, but even I’ve heard the phrase “Black Girl Magic” before, which it’s obviously punning. Generally that seems to…

Batwoman Season 2: Prior Criminal History Review

Dead But Not Forgotten     After last week’s heady and well choreographed premiere of season 2 of Batwoman, I hoped it could keep the momentum going. And for the most part they succeeded. My only issues with this episode were some suspension of disbelief moments. I know those…

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