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IT Movie Review

IT Movie Review (2017)

Can’t Sleep, Clown Will Eat Me! If you’ve ever had a fear of clowns in your life (or retain one to this day) no doubt some jackass is going to jokingly suggest that you see the movie It. Based on the novel from the master of horror himself, Stephen…

Spider-Man: Homecoming Review

He’s more than just your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.   Spider-Man: Homecoming is the most grounded movie yet in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, creating more tension from the threat of an illegal weapons dealer than an alien invasion or the destruction of the universe itself. The movie is personal, thriving…
Wonder Woman Review

Wonder Woman Review

“You Are Stronger Than You Believe.” This review is a week late in the making. But to be fair, Wonder Woman is years late to the silver screen. Therefore I don’t feel bad saying in terms of both the movie, and the Hey Poor Player review section, that it’s…

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Review

Dead in the water Good evening. I know that Hey Poor Player is a videogame website, and that even when we do film reviews they’re usually films that have some connection to what we nebulously refer to as “geek culture,” like Doctor Strange. I’m not sure whether or not…

Logan Movie Review

It’s All in the Title Hey, bub(s). Welcome to another nerd-centric movie review. Today, we are discussing the latest comic book-inspired movie, Logan, which was released March 3. Having been an X-Men fan since I was old enough to read a comic book and not mangle it in my…

The Lego Batman Movie Review

The Best Superhero Film In Years. Seriously. I had high expectations for The Lego Batman Movie, mainly because its 2014 predecessor, The Lego Movie, came out of nowhere to become one of my absolute favorite films of all time. Well, not entirely out of nowhere – I’d been keeping…

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