Late to the Game

Always Sometimes Monsters

Always Sometimes Monsters Review (Late To The Game)

Always Sometimes Monsters shows how painful desperation and shame really is Have you ever hit rock bottom? No, I mean, really, really hit rock bottom? You’re penniless, everyone seems as though they’ve turned against you, you’re sleeping rough and the love of your life is, well, no longer in…
Knytt Underground title

Knytt Underground Review (Late To The Game)

An underground hit. Nicklas Nygren, more famously known as Nifflas, might be one of the newer names to show up console world in recent years, but for us PC veterans, he’s pretty much old hat. Say his name and the trademarks of his games instantly come to mind: unique ideas,…

Solar 2 Review (Late To The Game)

Adds a whole new meaning to “taking up space”… Solar 2 is an open-ended, sandbox game set in an infinite universe; there are no boundaries within the playing field. Think of it as something of an evolution game, but instead of controlling organisms, you control celestial objects with all…
Assault Android Cactus title

Assault Android Cactus Review (Late To The Game)

There are most definitely the gynoids you are looking for. Little specks of light fill your screen like a swarm of luminescent insects. Moving rapidly, you attempt to find gaps in the wave of bullets hurtling towards you, but your efforts are largely futile; it’s nigh-impossible to maneuver your…
The Yawhg title

The Yawhg Review (Late To The Game)

Hey yo, Yawhg… Choice and predetermination: they’re increasingly popular themes in gaming. And why not? Humankind has been pondering their nature ever since we left the trees and figured there was probably more to life than picking lice out of each other’s hair. But what happens when you already…
Painkiller Redemption 3

Painkiller: Redemption Review (Late To The Game)

It almost killed the franchise, but it’s a guilty pleasure for some Goodness, what happened to the Painkiller franchise? Once the darling of back-to-basics FPS design, the brand has steadily evolved into something of a joke in the industry. We keep getting standalone mods every few years, with each one…

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