haunted maker mansion guide

Haunted Maker Mansion Collectibles (Yoshi’s Crafted World Guide)

Do you stand a ghost of a chance?   Zombie Shy Guys? Bone-chilling ambiance? Scythe-swinging stalker ghosts? Welcome to Haunted Maker Mansion, otherwise known as Yoshi’s Crafted World‘s nightmare fuel for poor, innocent Yoshis. Of more concern to you are the mansion’s supernatural hiding places for Smiley Flowers, Red…
spinwheel shuffle

Spinwheel Shuffle Collectibles (Yoshi’s Crafted World Guide)

Let’s do the Spinwheel Shuffle! With Raphael Ravens and Bullet Bill up to their old tricks in Spinwheel Shuffle, your quest to hunt down all the Red Coins, Souvenirs, Poochy Pups, and Smiley Flowers may come to a standstill. Fret not, though, for we at Hey Poor Player catalogued…
yoshi pulls some strings

Yoshi Pulls Some Strings Collectibles (Yoshi’s Crafted World Guide)

Who’s up for some ziplining? Yoshi Pulls Some Strings, indeed! Get ready to climb, swing, and zip from tree to tree as you hunt down Red Coins, Smiley Flowers, Poochy Pups and Souvenirs! Yes, we even found that dang Squirella, so strap in for our latest Yoshi’s Crafted World…
poochy's sweet run

Poochy’s Sweet Run Collectibles (Yoshi’s Crafted World Guide)

Oh, those scrumptious treats! Yes, the sweets of Poochy’s Treat Run look positively delicious, but don’t get distracted — there’s Red Coins, Smiley Flowers, Poochy Pups, and Souvenirs to discover! We at Hey Poor Player ate–er, I mean, located them all for you in the handy guide below, so…
stitched together

Stitched Together Collectibles (Yoshi’s Crafted World Guide)

Windmills, windmills everywhere. Strechy fabric and fuzzy windmills await in Stitched Together — the first level of Pastel Pathway in Yoshi’s Crafted World. While not the hardest level in Yoshi’s new Switch adventure, we’ve compiled all the locations for Red Coins, Smiley Flowers, Poochy Pups, and Souvenirs for your…

Spring Sprung Trail Collectibles (Yoshi’s Crafted World Guide)

Garden Warfare: Yoshi Style   After toppling the Tin Condor, Yoshi finds himself taking a leisurely stroll through the Spring Sprung Trail. This pastel-painted nature hike isn’t too taxing, but you’ll need to pay close attention to nab all of the collectibles hidden in this colorful playground. Red Coins…

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