How To Defeat Ose Kurosawa In Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water

Having trouble developing a strategy to beat the final boss of Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water? Here’s how to defeat Ose Kurosawa in a flash! Encountered in the chapter titled Last Drop: Bride from Black Water, Ose Kurosawa serves as the final boss in Fatal Frame: Maiden of…

How To Play As Ayane In Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water

Here’s How To Stealthily Avoid Ghosts As Dead or Alive’s Purple-Haired Kunoichi Ayane In Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water   Dead or Alive mainstay and kunoichi of the Mugen Tenshin clan, Ayane, makes a cameo as a playable character in Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water, now available…

Corpse Party Guide: How To Get The Infirmary Key And Matches

Crack One Of Corpse Party’s Early Game Puzzles And Gain Access To The Infirmary   With Corpse Party 2021 having just been released across most major systems, a whole new generation of gamers is going to be coming in fresh to this 16-bit macabre delight. Besides being a truly…

Echo Generation: Finding the Abandoned Gate Key

Paving the Way With Propane in the Trainyard in Echo Generation If you’ve wandered down the train tracks, you’ve probably wound up in the trainyard area and seen that imposing FST building off in the background. Except, your exploration attempts are foiled by a gate with a lock. Well,…

Echo Generation: Getting the Quantum CPU

Get the Latest Quantum Tech in This Echo Generation Guide If you’ve been skulking around FST, you’ll probably be wondering if they’ve got that Quantum CPU that Mr. Magnus keeps going on about. Well, I’ll be showing you just how to solve that quantum conundrum. First off, you’ll need…

How To Beat Forskydda in Evertried

Use Forskydda’s Mojo Against Him   The third boss in Evertried is the nefarious Forskydda the Tower Matrix. You’ll find him in a lair full of falling meteors, dangerous devices, and sneaky conveyor belts. And though, in some ways, Forskydda is the least active boss you’ve faced so far,…

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