Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart: Corson V Gold Bolts Locations Guide

Hey Poor Player is here to show you all that glitters with our Corson V Gold Bolts locations guide   There are 25 Gold Bolts scattered throughout Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. Corson V, otherwise known as Nefarious City, is home to the first three of these shiny collectibles.…

Biomutant: How To Find The Mjut

How to find the Mjut in Biomutant In Biomutant, you can either tame or purchase about a dozen different mounts to help get you around the open world.  But one of the animals in this game is crucial for completing important side missions and progressing overall gameplay. This animal…
Genshin Impact, Midsummer Island Adventure, Act 2, Sidequest, Guide

Genshin Impact ‘Who Wields the Wild Wind’ Sidequest Guide

Who Wields the Wild Wind? Greetings Travelers! Today we’re going to be looking at a guide for the small sidequest called “Who Wields the Wild Wind?”, a short but sweet quest with a wonderful little gift at the end. So let’s get going! To start the quest, you’ll need…
Genshin Impact, Midsummer Event, Act 2

Genshin Impact Midsummer Island Adventure Waverider Race Guide

Genshin Impact Midsummer Island Adventure Act II Waverider Race Guide Hello Travelers, ready to catch some wind with Genshin Impact’s latest challenge? The highlight here is called Whirlpool off to Starboard…Full Speed Ahead! It’s a racing mini-game that adds an interesting new twist to the Waverider mechanics in the…

Genshin Impact Midsummer Island Adventure Act II Quest Guide

Pulling the Plug Hello, again Travelers, Cory from HPP, giving you the splashdown on what’s happening on the Golden Apple Archipelago here in Genshin Impact! The Midsummer Island Adventure has unveiled its second act, and we’re in for quite a change of scenery, so let’s dig in. Genshin Impact:…
Googlide Wreckbox Locations

Biomutant: Googlide Wreckbox Locations

The Complete List of all the Googlide Wreckbox Locations in Biomutant ‘The Googlide’ is a 9-part side quest in Biomutant that kicks off when you first visit your NPC ally Goop in the Subnautica submarine pen.  When you meet him he is working on tuning up the Googlide, a…

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