terragenesis lagrange academy

TerraGenesis: How to Use the Lagrange Academy

You’re gonna learn today! “Fixed in orbit at the L4 Lagrange point, the Lagrange Academy literally leads the world in higher education. Elite enough to carry incalculable prestige but large enough to educate vast swaths of public servants, entertainers, lawmakers and regular citizens, this facility will allow for an…

Genshin Impact Midsummer Island Adventure Act 3 Quest Guide

Solving the Karakuri Conundrum with Genshin Impact’s Midsummer Island Adventure’s Act 3 Quest Guide Greetings Travelers, Cory from HPP here to guide you through Genshin Impact’s Midsummer Island Adventure, this time through Act III’s main quest! Without delay, let us hop right in. Genshin Impact Midsummer Island Adventure Act…

Genshin Impact The Other Side of Isle and Sea Guide

Confused Unga Bungas Greetings Travelers, Cory from HPP here to show you a guide to the locations for the Genshin Impact sidequest, The Other Side of Isle and Sea! Someone’s been leaving behind some odd cave paintings around the various isles, and while there aren’t any clues as to…

Genshin Impact Broken Isle Puzzle Guide

Melodies in the Breeze Greetings Travelers, Cory from HPP, bringing a few helpful notes in a new guide focused on Genshin Impact’s Broken Isle Puzzle! With not a single quest tailored to it, it’s easy to miss this little journey. So without further delay, let’s hop right in. Genshin…

Genshin Impact From Outer Lands Guide

Half, for Now, Half for Later Greetings Travelers, today we’ll be looking at a guide for the Genshin Impact sidequest, From Outer Lands! This sidequest is relatively easy to start, but details an Inazuma ship bisected by the wretched waves. So without further ado, let’s hop right in! Genshin…

Genshin Impact A Trip Through Fog and Wind Guide

Swing and a Mist Greetings Travelers, time to take a trip through the fog and the wind in the latest sidequest guide for Genshin Impact! No doubt by now, you’ve seen this elusive island far to the north, shrouded by a dark mist and encompassed by whirlpools. Any attempts…

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