twin mirror mind palace

Twin Mirror Mind Palace Guide

Every Mind Palace Puzzle Solution In Twin Mirror, the mind palace is a form of eidetic memory made manifest in Sam’s own crystalized alternate mind dimension. It’s a technique used in shows like the BBC’s Sherlock and games like Assassin’s Creed: Revelations and is an interesting approach to sort…
twin mirror mementos guide

Twin Mirror Memento Guide

A Guide To Every Twin Mirror Memento Location  The most common collectibles featured in the game are mementos, and there are fourteen different places to find a Twin Mirror memento. They’re all scattered throughout the game. Each one can be found to add more details to the numerous character…

KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory Synthesis Guide

Cue the KINGDOM HEARTS Music! I recently had a really good time diving into the music and creativity of KINGDOM HEARTS in KINGDOM HEARTS: Melody of Memory. This was pretty unexpected, since I hadn’t played any other title in the series. But the best part of Melody of Memory…

Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin Gathering Guide

A handy list to gather the ingredients you need! One of the things you’ll be doing a ton of in Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin is gathering ingredients for use elsewhere. Defeated foes will drop goodies, and while those are great, sometimes you don’t want to fight for your…

Undead Darlings Combo Guide

Because Being Dead Doesn’t Mean Being Alone  Undead Darlings has a pretty challenging battle system for an RPG. Enemies have surprisingly high hitpoints, and the difficulty only increases the further into the game you get. Yet, it’s not the game’s acclaimed EE multiplier system that I found helpful for…
Lucifer Within Us

Lucifer Within Us Guide

May Ain Soph guide you (and we can help) Ah, Ada, there you are! We are sorry to have called you, but there has been a murder, and we need you to exorcise the daemons that reside within the culprit. Have no fear, however — we would never leave…

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