Far Cry 6: Du Or Die Mission Guide

Will You Du? Or Will You Die? To get started in your mission, talk to Juan Cortez as the Libertad camp. He wants you to steal something for him from a base on the other side of the island. Your map will show the location. You can either walk…

Far Cry 6: Fuel The Revolution Mission Guide

Fuel Up To get things started you’ll meet up with Bonito. Clara wants his help in securing routes across the island. He doesn’t trust her, but if you’re willing to help him, he’s willing to play ball. If he’s going to help though, he wants two things. First is…

Far Cry 6: Where To Get The Fishing Pole

Cast a Line Fishing has a long history in video games, so if you’re looking forward to reeling in some big ones during your time with Far Cry 6, you’re surely not alone. How do you get the fishing rod though to get started though? You’ll actually receive it…
toem walkthrough

TOEM Complete Walkthrough and 100% Achievement Guide

Make your way through TOEM to TOEM and beyond! “I had a hard time putting TOEM down, its calming, cheerful nature feeling way too cozy to quit. Its photography-based puzzle gameplay will charm just about anyone that feels drawn to the title, so if you have even a remote interest…

Genshin Impact Relics of Seirai Quest Guide

Genshin Impact Relics of Seirai Quest Guide   Greetings, Travelers. Today we’ll be looking at a guide to Relics of Seirai, a small World Quest involving some buried treasure. First, you’ll need to head northwest of the Statue of the Seven, and you’ll be looking for Fujiwara Toshiko, who’s…

Genshin Impact Amakumo Depths Ruins Guide

Genshin Impact Amakumo Depths Ruins Guide Greetings Travelers, today we’ll be looking at a guide to getting some of the treasures of the ruins hiding within the Amakumo Depths on Seirai Island. First of all, it’s highly recommended you complete the Seirai Stormchasers quest chain, as this will get…

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