Cloud and Andrea Rhodea show pride in Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII Remake: How Wall Market and The Honeybee Inn Was a Win for The LGBTQ Community

A Powerful Statement to the Gaming Industry, there is Some Surprisingly Progressive LGBTQ Representation in The Final Fantasy VII Remake.   From sleek gameplay that balances traditional input commands with hack and slash combat, to the incredibly detailed recreation of the Midgar slums, there are a surprising number of updates…
Resident Evil 4 Leon

Should The Resident Evil 4 Remake Happen?

A Resident Evil 4 Remake Is In Production. But Should It Be?    According to an early report by VGC, on April 12th of last week, Capcom confirmed that a Resident Evil 4 Remake was in production. This has led to a heated debate over whether or not a remake was warranted.…

8-Bit Chronicles: Pac-Land

Are you a good friend of Pac-Man in the Pac-Land? Bleeps, bloops, and pixels: the cornerstones of classic gaming. The innate addiction coded within the circuit board-powered arcade cabinets and NES cartridges render them precious artifacts, their primitive graphics and relative brevity revered even today. But why is that…
Sakura Wars Part 5 - Featured Image

Sakura Wars: Into a Sakura Colored Future?

After a week of introspection, comparison, and explanation, it’s time to ask the all-important question. Does this soft-reboot of the Sakura Wars franchise seem like a perfect romance? Or could this be a sorrowful parting of ways?   Hey, Poor Players! Welcome to the finale of our week-long coverage…
How to Obtain a Vaulting Pole in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

How to Obtain a Vaulting Pole in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Yee-haw! Remember how much of a drag bridges were in previous Animal Crossing games? You know, how you had to run alllll the way along the river just to cross over? Thanks to Animal Crossing: New Horizons‘ Vaulting Pole, those days are long gone; now, you can simply hop…

Hey Poor Player’s Top 25 Games of 2019

Don’t Look Back in Anger   There’s a popular meme format that’s coincidentally been going since we started doing these big game of the year lists four years ago. Every one has a grizzled looking, battle weary personification of the year just passed telling of the horrors they’ve seen,…

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