Top 5 Graphically Impressive 8-Bit Games

Picking apart the pixels of the 8-bit era’s most gorgeous games   Look at those graphics! I’ve heard those four words strung together countless times throughout my childhood and even still to this day, but as us gamers got older and wiser we all figured out that gameplay trumps graphics…

Four Essential Tips For Competitive Pokemon Battling

Do You Want To Be The Very Best, Like No One Ever Was?   With the 2016 World Pokemon Video Game Championships starting early June, many players are starting up their teams and training to be number one. However, many people who only play Pokemon casually – or only…

Five Headscratching Moments in Mega Man’s History

Weird ain’t so bad…it could be the Mega Man DOS ports.     So, who here’s excited about the new Mega Man TV show? …Yeah, me neither. But hey, this is made for kids, and as much as we like to say that new properties or remakes are ruining…

Six Game Properties That Should Return

Lost Odyssey   When the Xbox 360 first released, Microsoft went through a time when they were trying their hand with exclusive JRPG releases. With games like Blue Dragon, and Eternal Sonata, getting decent critical praise but less than impressive sales, Lost Odyssey seemed to stand out the most.…

Top 10 Sidekicks in Gaming

Number 2 Gets Their Due For every Sherlock Holmes, there is a Dr. Watson. For every Michael Jordan, there is a Scottie Pippen. Essentially, for every large-muscled, super-powered, brave-hearted protagonist there is a slightly smaller, less-powered hero who itches for their moment of glory. These sidekicks can come in…
Zeit 2

10 Shmups That Deserve More Attention

Shmups: step right up to be shot right down Shmups have fallen to the wayside in recent years, in part due to the resurgence of their more popular 3D first-person brethren. However, the genre retains a passionate fanbase who appreciate its simplicity, non-existent learning curve and eye to skillful…

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