A Chat With AtGames’ Ray Attiyat About Bringing The Classics To The Modern Era

AtGames’ Ray Attiyat joins us to talk about Flashbacks, hardware hurdles, and how the company plans to stay competitive in the crowded retro console market. If you consider yourself a fan of retro games, you’ve probably had the name “AtGames” grab your attention. These fine folks that have been…

Interview with YouTuber RGT 85 (Shawn Long)

Let’s Have a Chat with YouTuber RGT 85   For this month’s interview we at Hey Poor Player have reached out to a YouTuber that has gained an amazingly large fan base within the last year. With a steady stream of content that covers a wide range of retro…

Interview: Nihon Falcom President Toshihiro Kondo On Ys VIII: Lacrimosa Of Dana

Nihon Falcom’s Passionate President Talks About Ys.   Last week, we at Hey Poor Player had the amazing opportunity to interview the president of Nihon Falcom, Toshihiro Kondo, in the beautiful city of San Francisco. President Kondo was here to talk to us about his upcoming western release of…

Time Travel and Techno – An Interview with All Walls Must Fall’s Jan David Hassel

Talking All Walls Must Fall, indie development, Berlin clubs and 90s gaming classics  Back in March, All Walls Must Fall found it’s way onto my Twitter timeline and I found it hard to believe just how for me the game felt. As a fan of techno, turn-based strategy and tech-noir aesthetics it was…

Interview with Pat the NES Punk (Pat Contri)

Pat Contri Invites Us to his Too Many Games Booth for an Interview   In the midst of the hustle and bustle that was the Too Many Games convention, this year I was able to force my way past several of Pat the NES Punk’s devoted fans to get…

Interview with Jay Hatfield From The Game Chasers

Jay Hatfield from The Game Chasers Sits Down for A One-On-One   If you managed to find yourself lost on YouTube while searching for retro video game reviews, you’ve probably came across a show titled “The Game Chasers”.  Jay Hatfield and Billy Hudson have been chasing games on their…

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