star fox 2

The Star Fox 2 Beginner’s Guide

Can’t figure this game out? We got you covered. After two decades, Star Fox 2 is finally released thanks to the SNES Classic Edition! Legendary among Nintendo fans for its tragic cancellation, this long-lost treasure from Nintendo’s Golden Era was actually completed in development, and now you can enjoy…

How To Beat P.A.X. In The Surge

Here’s how to bring down The Surge’s first metal behemoth, P.A.X. After restoring power to the maglev system in the Power Plant, you’ll come face to face with P.A.X., the first Big Bad in The Surge. P.A.X. is a towering, Metal Gear-style mech with a penchant for hurling volleys…

How To Get The Volatile Spectre In The Surge

Make your first day on the job in The Surge a bit easier with the Volatile Spectre Are you taking your first steps in the ruined CREO facility and finding that crusty lead pipe isn’t up to snuff? Are deranged psychos in exoskeletons making life a living hell for…

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