Vampire the Masquerade Pre-Alpha Playtest Available

Beast I am, lest a beast I become. Five times over. Bela Lugosi is dead, and so am I…   It was announced at the 2016 Grand Masquerade (a huge, annual Vampire LARP event) that a fifth edition of the original Vampire: the Masquerade (VtM) was coming in the wake of their V20 release in…

Unplugged: Unknown Armies – Third Edition (Play)

Everyone knows there’s something that’s just wrong in this world…   Sometimes, weird things just happen. You’ll find yourself walking home one night and suddenly, it’s raining frogs. There’s this guy on the corner who yells crazy shit while you’re on your lunch break, but every so often something comes true…

‘This War of Mine’ To Get The Tabletop Treatment In 2016

11 Bit Studios’ tense game of survival lands on tabletops in 2016 11 bit studios‘ soul-crushing  game of civilians scraping by amid the the chaos of war, This War of Mine, will be making the jump to tabletops courtesy of veteran game designers, Michal Oracz and Jakub Wisniewsk. This…

Urban Shadows Tabletop Review

Lurking in the Urban Shadows  Drop the buckets of dice you need to play Dark Urban Fantasy. There’s a vampire on the corner hooking hapless humans on its blood. There’s a demon making deals with desperate people who just need something too badly to say no. Werewolves stake out…

Firewall (Eclipse Phase) Tabletop Review

Firewall: transhumanity’s hidden saviors, fighting existential threats to the species The Eclipse Phase roleplaying game takes place in a future world in which subverted artificial intelligences – the TITANs – nearly wiped out the transhuman species. While the manipulations of the TITANs were subtle at first, there were those who…

Planescape Setting Now Available In PDF

While the folks over at have been releasing Dungeons and Dragons materials for some time, they have skirted around one of the product lines originally held by TSR, Planescape. They had released supplements for the game such as their guides to the various planes, adventures, and other items…

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