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Sunday Shenanigans: Name That Game

Hey Poor Players! It’s Sunday, and that means it’s time for another Name That Game challenge. We’ve tossed another helpless screenshot into our all consuming Pixel Grinder ™ for you gaming gurus to identify. Do you know what game this mangled screenshot belongs to? Post your guesses in the…

Sunday Shenanigans: Name That Game

Hey, poor players! It’s been a few weeks since we last tossed a screenshot into the ever-hungry Pixel Grinder™ for our semi-weekly Name That Game Challege. We’ve made up for lost time by maiming this screenshot in a serious way. Can you sift through our pixel puree to discover…

Sunday Shenanigans: Name That Game

Well, it’s that time again Poor Players. With the weekend drawing to a close we’ve once again dusted off the patented Pixel Grinder™ and fed it a heaping helping of pulpy pixels. Do you have what it takes to sift through the wreckage we’ve wrought upon this screenshot and…

Sunday Shenanigans: Name That Game

Hey, Poor Players. Sunday is here again and that means it’s time for another one of our Name That Game challenges. We’ve can’t help but feel our recent sacrifices to the Pixel Grinder ™  have been a bit on the easy side, so we chose a bit of a…

Sunday Shenanigans: Name That Game

  It’s time once again for our weekly sacrifice. We’ve tossed another hapless classic screenshot onto our pixelated altar to appease the gaming Gods, and quite possibly our own sadistic tendencies. But no matter, while we search for our medication, you fellow retro revolutionaries can honor this week’s sacrifice…

Sunday Shenanigans: Name That Game (Solved by Ser Flash!)

It’s time again for another round of Sunday Shenanigans: Name That Game! We’ve garbled another screenshot for you today in our mighty Pixel Grinder 3000. Are you a bad enough dude to guess the game we’ve lifted this screen from? Post your guesses in the comments below!

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