Derek McCurry

Derek McCurry
In a world ruled by jocks and drama queens, Derek McCurry rose above chaos and destruction to become a resident gamer. Infused only with the power of a Gameboy and a cartridge of Kirby's Adventure, Derek proceeded forth with his conquest of videos and games. To the outside world, he may just look like a regular computer engineer, but to those that know him, he is a sage of video games, who loves them so.

Absolver Review (PS4)

The first rule of this Fight Club is to definitely talk about Fight Club Absolver is a game about martial arts in the purest sense. There are no specials or flashy moves or powered-up forms, just simple techniques based on real martial arts styles and how they flow into one…
sudden strike 4

Sudden Strike 4 Review (PS4)

Honestly, it’s more of a gradual shove. World War II is a common era for Video Games. It was, after all, a horrific war, which makes for a great setting in fiction. Stories from this era are typically told in the fashion of an FPS. However, Sudden Strike 4…

Rocket League Officially Announced for Nintendo Switch

 Wow! Nice Shot! Ever since the Nintendo Switch was announced, fans of both Nintendo and Psyonix have been pleading for Rocket League to make an appearance on the Switch.  Many claimed that it was simply the best platform for the game and made sense. These fans will have to…
Pillars of the Earth

Ken Fallot’s The Pillars of the Earth Sets Official Release Date

A real pillar of the community!   As E3 ramps up and all the big names start releasing information everywhere about the biggest games to come out, it’s important to keep in mind this is a time for smaller developers as well!   Since its announcement two years ago,…
hover: revolt of gamers

Hover: Revolt of Gamers Review (PC)

Hardcore Parkour In my many years of playing games, if someone had asked me if I wanted to run around a stylish, largely vertical city in the future, doing high speed parkour stunts to try and save gamers from an oppressive government, I probably would’ve looked back at my…

Preview: ARMS at Arm’s Length

The most dangerous limb. Forget everything you ever thought you needed to know about those appendages attached to your hips known as legs, because we’re talking about ARMS. I’ve had a fascination with this game ever since it’s bizarre commercial that aired during the Switch announcement, that pitted a…

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