Tyler Posner

I'm really just a normal gamer. I like many kinds of games and tend to try almost anything.

Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS: Creator Masahiro Sakurai Adds in Diddy Kong

Smash Bros creator and director of the legendary Nintendo mash-up, Masahiro Sakurai, just confirmed in today’s update for Super Smash Bros for 3DS and Wii U that Donkey Kong’s little chimp buddy is back! From the batch of screen shots, it seems like Diddy is just as quick, nimble, and…

Trigger Happy Havoc: Danganronpa Review (Vita)

Load Up Your Truth Gun and Shoot At Despair   Naegi Makoto is an ordinary kid by all standards and even he knows it. However, he was actually picked by a lucky raffle to be sent to Hope’s Peak Academy, a sort of school where only the high school…

Pokemon Bank Released in Europe, Nintendo Gives America Hope for Our Own Release

  Well, to me this was certainly a surprising thing for me to see! I’m glad Nintendo’s taking a step into giving the rest of the world Pokemon Bank. Let’s hope Nintendo keeps their word on that “soon” this time.

Smash Daily: You Can Fly if You Believe

Mister Sakurai has been enjoying the fact that he gets to show Lucario off now! From what it looks like, he’s just showcasing the things Lucario can do, and it looks like he may have the same move set that he did in Brawl. In SSBB, his normal smash…

Smash Daily: Believe in the Aura

Hello, and welcome to another day of Smash Daily! Today, we just have a closer look at one of our newly-announced veterans, Lucario. As you can see below, Sakurai showcases one of Lucario’s signature moves, the chargeable Aura Sphere. As Sakurai stated, the longer you charge the Aura Sphere,…

Introducing Smash Daily, Feat. StarKun and Guest Star Lucario

Hello everybody, this is Tyler speaking, but you can also call me Star! I am going to start writing news articles and reviews with the rest of the team, and I’m very happy to be part of the group. I was thinking that as a new writer here, I…

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