Scott MacDonald

Scott MacDonald
He once wrote for oprainfall, but he now spends most of his time editing books. Like most editors, he has a tendency to hide in the shadows, watching for misplaced modifiers and things that dangle. In his free time, he inexplicably enjoys CrossFit. He mostly enjoys retro games. Some of his favorites include Tales of Symphonia, F-Zero GX, Persona 3, Fire Emblem, and most shmups.

Dungeons of Dreadrock Review (Switch)

Dungeons of Dreadrock Review: Mired in Mysteries     Dungeons of Dreadrock developer Prof. Dr. Christoph Minnameier wanted players to “relive memories of oldschool dungeon crawlers, like Dungeon Master and Eye of the Beholder,” when he created his game. While Dungeons of Dreadrock does have aspects in common with…

Get-a-Grip Chip and the Body Bugs Review (Switch)

Get-a-Grip Chip and the Body Bugs Review: Little Robot, Big Adventure     I wanted to review Get-a-Grip Chip and the Body Bugs because it looked like a charming platformer with an educational twist. I was unaware at the time that it’s essentially a reworked version of the original…

Kombinera Review (Switch)

Kombinera Review: Rolling Toward Greatness     I must love feeling like an idiot. It’s the only explanation for why I enjoy puzzle games as much as I do. “Simple to learn, difficult to master” has long been the mantra of a good puzzler, and Kombinera perfectly exemplifies it.…
Dark Deity Switch Logo

Dark Deity Review (Switch)

Dark Deity Review: Strategizing Like It’s 2003     As I’ve mentioned before, I’m ecstatic to see indie developers take a stab at reinventing gaming classics. Franchises such as Zelda, Fire Emblem, and Pokémon continue to iterate and evolve, often moving away from the designs that arguably made them…
Ocean's Heart

Ocean’s Heart Review (Switch)

Ocean’s Heart Review: An Endless Ocean of Adventure     There’s no need to mince words: Ocean’s Heart is an indie take on old-school Zelda. The style, the setting, the gameplay…it’s a Zelda game through and through. I’m OK with that; Zelda has largely moved on from its 2D…

Monster Bash HD Review (PC)

Monster Bash HD Review: Back from the Dead     I am familiar with Apogee Entertainment through everyone’s favorite proprietary software format of the ’90s—Shareware! I hate to date myself, but many of my first PC gaming experiences happened on it: Apogee’s own Commander Keen and Duke Nukem, and…

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