Scott MacDonald

Scott MacDonald
He once wrote for oprainfall, but he now spends most of his time editing books. Like most editors, he has a tendency to hide in the shadows, watching for misplaced modifiers and things that dangle. In his free time, he inexplicably enjoys CrossFit. He mostly enjoys retro games. Some of his favorites include Tales of Symphonia, F-Zero GX, Persona 3, Fire Emblem, and most shmups.

Tails of Iron Review (Switch)

Tails of Iron Review: Rats of Redemption     When I hear that a game is inspired by the Souls genre, I immediately think that game is not for me. Plenty of gamers appreciate the difficulty of those kinds of games, the sense of accomplishment when you finally manage…

A Monster’s Expedition Review (Switch)

A Monster’s Expedition Review: An Island-Hopping Museum Tour     At some point during my time with A Monster’s Expedition—I fell asleep. To be honest, it happened several times. My day had been stressful, and I just wanted to relax and solve puzzles. I had been staring at the…
Labyrinth City

Labyrinth City: Pierre the Maze Detective Review (Switch)

Labyrinth City: Pierre the Maze Detective Review: Meet the Maze Master     I need to start my review by stating that I’m not intimately familiar with Pierre’s literary adventures. In fact, what I know about the series I learned from the Internet. I just happened to see a…

Mina & Michi Review (Switch)

Mina & Michi Review: Friendship in the Forest     Mina & Michi is an adorable action/puzzler about friendship and adventure. Mina, a little girl, and her friend Michi, a…I don’t know what it is. A goblin? A person in a monster suit? Whatever. It’s obviously friendly if that…
Wave Break

Wave Break Review (Switch)

Wave Break Review: Introducing the Fine Art of Skateboating     Wave Break is an interesting beast. The developers bill it as a “skateboating” game, and that’s accurate. It’s a bit like the developers took Wave Race and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and smashed them together. Normally, game and…
Paradox Error

Paradox Error Review (Switch)

Paradox Error Review: A Sinister Glitch in the System     Rules are meant to be broken, and so are walls, especially the fourth wall. Not breaking walls is just so passé. As an editor, I have, shall we say, an aggressive opinion about when it’s appropriate to break…

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