Scott MacDonald

Scott MacDonald
He once wrote for oprainfall, but he now spends most of his time editing books. Like most editors, he has a tendency to hide in the shadows, watching for misplaced modifiers and things that dangle. In his free time, he inexplicably enjoys CrossFit. He mostly enjoys retro games. Some of his favorites include Tales of Symphonia, F-Zero GX, Persona 3, Fire Emblem, and most shmups.

Stick Fight: The Game Review (Switch)

Bring a Gun to a Stick Fight   SM: Fun fact: stick figures existed long before the internet popularized them. Indeed, the first stick figures appear in prehistoric petroglyphs that our ancestors carved into stone using whatever they happened to have on hand. A toddler’s first drawings frequently include…

Lunark Preview (PC)

Shoot for the (Pixelated) Stars     I have to admit that Lunark flew under my radar. I’m not much of a PC/Steam gamer, and the only reason I even checked it out was because the illustrious Josh Speer of HPP asked me to do so. This turned out…
Can't Drive This Logo

Can’t Drive This Review (PS4)

Who’s Gonna Drive Me Home?   Speed was a terrible movie. For those who didn’t live through the 90s and suffer through it, it starred Sandra Bullock, Keanu Reeves, and a runaway bus that would explode if it went under fifty miles an hour. There’s something about a mad…
Bob Help Them Logo

Bob Help Them Review (Switch)

It’s Easy to Find Good Help These Days     I’m a big fan of farming sims. I find their relaxed nature is the perfect way to decompress after a long day/week/month. Even though games such as Story of Seasons or Stardew Valley basically boil down to performing repetitive…

Room to Grow Review (PC)

Room to Grumble   I have a special relationship with the puzzle genre. No other game genre makes me feel like I’m both the dumbest and smartest person alive. Part of that is inherent to the genre. Most puzzle games feature simplistic gameplay. The kicker is that those simple…

Haven Review (Switch)

Haven is Where the Heart Is     It can be difficult to accurately portray a relationship in a video game. The sheer number of variables—backstory, character development, dialogue, significant events, narrative arcs, day-to-day events—makes it a monumental task. This situation becomes even more complicated when the relationship is…

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