Shane Boyle

Shane Boyle
Shane's passion for gaming began many moons ago upon receiving his first console, Sega's Master System. These days, he games across a variety of systems, though he primarily sticks to his PlayStation 5 and Series X. Despite enjoying a wide variety of genres, he has a huge soft spot for RPGs, both Western and Japanese, whilst also being a self-professed Destiny 2 addict. Outside of gaming, Shane enjoys live music (as long as it's rock or metal!) and going to stand-up comedy shows, and is also Father to a little boy who he hopes will one day be raiding alongside him in Destiny!
Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII Remake Finally Making Its Way To Steam

Full Steam Ahead As Final Fantasy VII Remake Is Finally Dropping On Steam Tomorrow   Well, it’s taken a while but it’s finally happening. Square Enix’s fantastic and wildly successful first installment of the Final Fantasy VII Remake is finally headed to Valve’s storefront. Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade,…
Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Set To Arrive Next Winter

Square Enix Unveils First Look At Follow Up To Final Fantasy VII Remake   After what has felt like an agonizingly long wait, Square Enix capped off its Final Fantasy VII 25th Anniversary presentation by finally giving fans a peek at the eagerly awaited follow-up to the first installment…
Touken Ranbu Warriors

Touken Ranbu Warriors Review (Switch)

Touken Ranbu Warriors Review: Plenty Of Style, No Substance   I love a good Musou game. What many see as shallow and repetitive, I see as an enjoyable, moreish grind. A lot of people dismiss series such as Koei Temco’s Dynasty Warriors as a brainless hack and slash affairs,…
Sniper Elite 5

Sniper Elite 5 Review (PS5)

Sniper Elite 5 Review: Heads-A-Poppin   When the Sniper Elite series first appeared some 17 years ago, few could have predicted the upward trajectory the series would take. Remasters, zombie-themed spin-offs, a VR experience, and now five mainline entries – what started as a relatively linear series that relied…
Evil Dead: The Game

Evil Dead: The Game Review (PS5)

Evil Dead: The Game Review: This…Is My Boomstick!   As a complete sucker for both asymmetrical multiplayer and vintage horror films, you better believe I was excited by the prospect of Evil Dead: The Game. With its wacky cast of characters and love of over-the-top gore, I struggle to…

Deadcraft Review (Switch)

Deadcraft Review: Zombie Nation   It feels like not a week goes by where there isn’t a new survival game dropped on some system or another. Similarly, zombie games are in just as plentiful a supply, so I’d forgive you for looking at the latest release from Marvelous and…

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