Ser Flash

Ser Flash is an accomplished musician, co-owner of Press Pause Radio and a seasoned shmup flyboy who hosts Bullet Heaven HD.

Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart Review (Steam)

Awesome Strategy RPG gameplay for those of us that suck at them   Of all of the Playstation Vita Neptunia games to be released to Sony’s handheld in 2015, my very favorite of them all has to have been the one that doesn’t have Neptunia in its name. Hyperdevotion…

Stories: The Path of Destinies Review (PS4)

This fox is definitely destined for greatness   You know what I used to freaking love when I was going through Middle School? Those Choose-Your-Own Adventure books. You know the kind, the sort that as you read, you make pivotal choices and progressed to the page that held the…

Hyperdimension Neptunia U: Action Unleashed Review (PC)

Like a questionable Jell-O mold, Watch it wiggle, see it jiggle     Hyperdimension Neptunia, it is safe to say, is a series that I rather enjoy. Not necessarily for the fanservice (though I’m aware it’s a heavy selling point for many) but more for its witty dialogue decent…

Super Galaxy Squadron EX Review (PC)

Saving the Galaxy, one Super Squadron at a time   Last year saw the release of a kickstarted shoot-em-up called Super Galaxy Squadron, a shmup which emphasized all of the action and intensity of a bullet hell shooter… but for regular folk like many of the people you and…

Arslan: The Warriors of Legend Review (PS4)

In this Heroic Legend,  Arslan and Co. are Warriors worth a Thousand   I sure do love me a good Warriors game. As far back as the PlayStation 2, the Dynasty Warriors series has been a solid choice among my friends and I when we wanted a game with tons…

The Banner Saga Review (PS4)

Vikings and Giants roam the land in a world where the sun never sets in a genre that refuses to sleep   Strategy RPGs have been a mainstay in the videogaming landscape for a very long time. While Final Fantasy Tactics may have popularized the genre on consoles in…

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