Pernell Vaughan

Pernell Vaughan
A fan of all things video game for as long as he can remember, Pernell likes few things as much as quality imaginative video games, quality VGM compositions, and friendly people with which to share those video game experiences with. He has a rather hefty library of retro and modern titles from which to draw his knowledge. In addition to Hey Poor Player, Pernell can also be found as the co-host of the Rhythm and Pixels video game music podcast, co-host of the Youtube show, “Pernell and Matt Play Games", and as a regular reviewer on the SML Podcast.

Moonscars Review (PC)

Moonscars Review: Not the Clayfighter Sequel I Was Expecting! I’ve been a fan of the Souls franchise ever since its inception in 2009. Originally, I was drawn in by the promise of a game designed with challenge at the forefront of its design. But I stuck around because I…

Dandy Ace Review (Xbox One)

Dandy Ace Review: Welcome To The Greatest Show Not Of This Earth! Developed by Mad Mimic, Dandy Ace opens up with a humorously narrated tale of a beloved magician, Dandy Ace, and an envious rival magician, Lele, who makes a devious deal with a dark entity to trap him…

Alex Kidd In Miracle World DX Review (PS4)

Alex Kidd In Miracle World DX Review: Alex Is Back, And He’s Happy To Be Here!   For any person that was born in the 90s or later, it is likely difficult to imagine an era in which Nintendo didn’t have Mario and Sega didn’t have Sonic the Hedgehog…

Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World Review (PS4)

Pernell parties like it's 1994 in his Wonder Boy: Asha In Monster World review. Find out how this long-awaited remake stacks up at HPP.

Dark Devotion Review (PC)

Deep Down In The Darkness Lies Salvation   How far would you go to display your devotion for the God that you both love and worship? In the game, Dark Devotion, this question is asked of the main character. And while you may feel as though you are a…

Mechstermination Force Review (Switch)

Mech-Mulching Mayhem Is In Season On Switch!   Run and gun shooters have been a favorite genre of mine since the olden days of Contra. Interestingly enough though, after the release of Contra Hard Corps, I came to realize that for as much as I enjoy sprinting through stages…

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