Bryan Dull

Stuck in a perpetual state of daydreaming usually, I like to think about a TARDIS coming to get me, or handling a real lightsaber. Other than that, I am an old pop culture enthusiast that enjoys film, games, and anime...probably to an unhealthy degree.

Metrico+ Review (PS4)

A Puzzle Game That Finds Its Angle   I may have the patience of a saint. There is no other reasoning I could possibly come up with as to why I like Metrico+ so much. Metrico+ is developed by Digital Dreams, and originally released back in 2014 on the…

Linia Review (Mobile)

Your Eyes Will Need a Break   It’s no secret that I have very little experience with puzzle games. It’s not because they don’t interest me, but life gets in the way and I just forget. I wish I had more time to complete levels before I am pulled…
Anime Roster

10 Animes That Should Be Adapted for TV in the West

Anime Adapted for All Genres No major movie studio will back the production of a film without the involvement of major talent behind it. That’s the unfortunate fact of the film industry, and has been the thorn in the sides of those wanting a motion picture adaptation of their…

Asemblance Review (PS4)

A Serious Situation I think I may be an odd gamer in some respect. Rarely have I been one to get excited about a major release from a big studio. I like all sorts of games that span from a FPS to RPG’s. There are rare titles that enamor…

Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst Review (PS4)

Everything Seems So Clean   By all accounts Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst is a game that, from a financial point of view, probably shouldn’t even exist. The original game didn’t meet the initial projections back in 2008, but after eight years and a healthy following, we are once again able…
Final Fantasy

World of Final Fantasy Coming October 2016

More Final Fantasy This Year Just ahead of E3 2016, Square-Enix has announced that World of Final Fantasy is set to release October 25th, 2016 for the PS4 and PS Vita. First announced at E3 in 2015, news about World of Final Fantasy has been very scarce, but now…

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