Duncan Hawken

Thirty something, English video game enthusiast and time traveler. Favourite video games franchises include Dead Rising, Streets of Rage and Pro Evolution Soccer.

Dead Rising 4 Review (Xbox One)

Merry Frank Westmas The original Dead Rising was one of the first games I ever purchased for the Xbox 360 ten years ago, and was a console exclusive. Being a big fan of the movies of George A. Romero, I was immediately brought in by the familiar premise and…

Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel Review (PC)

Infinite Button Bashing What’s in a name? Not much, apparently. When I first heard the title of Nitroplus Blasterz I expected it to either be a Top-Down Shooter or a Combat Racer. But no, this is a crazy Japanese one-on-one fighting game. Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel, developed by…

Rumor: Konami set to launch a new TurboGrafx console?

Konami files new trademark for TurboGrafx. Rumours have been speculating online that long time video game giant Konami are set to release an updated version of the classic TurboGrafx-16 console. The speculation has been initiated after NeoGaf user Rösti uncovered a new trademark filed by Konami Holdings Corporation which…

Watch Dogs 2 Review (Xbox One)

DedSecond   When first playing Ubisoft’s 2014 new IP Watch Dogs, I recall really enjoying the unique gameplay mechanics added through the hacking elements they had introduced to a living, breathing open-world Chicago. In fact, it was the first game I ever achieved a Platinum Trophy for on PS4…

In Extremis Review (PC)

In an extremely difficult situation! You may be forgiven for thinking this is a retro review, as there was actually a game called In Extremis released for DOS by US Gold back in 1993. It was a rather generic Space FPS so hardly memorable. 2016’s In Extremis though is…

BlazBlue: Centralfiction Review (PS4)

The Wheel of Fate is Turning   Japanese publisher Arc System Works are probably best known for their long-running 2D fighting game series Guilty Gear, which started out life on the original Sony PlayStation. In fact, there has been an iteration of the stylish 2D fighting series on every…

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