Kyle Rentschler

Kyle has been playing video games since he was old enough to know it was the secret to becoming socioeconomically elite, probably since he was three or so. He wrote about them too formally for awhile and got a PhD doing that, and now he writes about them less formally at more of a meager MA level. When he's not playing or writing about playing, he's probably doing a different fun thing. Or he's not doing something fun, but don't feel too bad for him because he still gets to write about playing games.

Mega Man 4 Retro Review (NES)

Takes a Small Dive and Grows Dusty, Despite Bright Spots   Apparently, Team Rockman thrives off adversity. After the hardships of designing Mega Man 2 and Mega Man 3 amidst time, financial, and personnel constraints, the rock-steady team set to work on Mega Man 4. Unlike their past two…

Mega Man 3 Retro Review (NES)

Magnetic, Sparky, Hard, And Top-notch, If Also In 2’s Shadow     With the unexpected runaway success of pet project Mega Man 2 behind them, Capcom and Team Rockman went all in on Mega Man 3, throwing more money at the project with the hopes of capitalizing on their…

Mega Man 2 Retro Review (NES)

Too Mega, Man   It shouldn’t be too shocking — Mega Man 2 is a glowing success in almost every way. Critically lauded upon release and commonly seen as the highpoint of Capcom’s venerable series, Mega Man 2 remains the highest-selling game in its series and one of the…

Spellspire Review (PS4)

Spellspire is Uninspired and Mired in Design Misfires     Spellspire is the latest console release from eclectic indie developer 10tons, and, for better or worse, it doesn’t stray far from its mobile roots. In Spellspire, the player plays as a wizard who must fight his way through rows…

Mega Man Retro Review (NES)

Wily, Gutsy, And Harder Than A Rock     The original Mega Man for the Nintendo Entertainment System is a flawed gem of considerable influence and prescience. Although this first entry saw unexpectedly high sales in Japan, the rushed North American release was met with slow sales that garnered…

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