Jennifer Pastor

Jennifer L. Pastor is a Pennsylvania-born, Texas-raised writer and editor who may have a little bit of a passion for video games. When not playing or talking about games, she writes fiction, poetry, and essays. Check out her shenanegans (and cat pictures!) on Twitter at @jlynnpastor.

Necropolis Review (PC)

I knew someone like you. They died.   Necropolis is like if Dungeons of Dreadmor was watered down and designed by a cubist. No, wait. Necropolis is an artsy game that uses roguelike elements to give it an oppressive atmosphere. No, wait. Necropolis is what happens Journey swallows Dark…
Human: Fall Flat

Human: Fall Flat now available for PC, Mac, and Linux!

See Bob. See Bob fall on his face. As of today, the favorite puzzle platformer, Human: Fall Flat is finally released on PC, Mac, and Linux. Touted as “an open-ended game with laugh-out-loud gameplay”, Human: Fall Flat focuses on the adventures of Bob, a very unlucky (literally) white…
10 Second Ninja X

10 Second Ninja X Review (PS4)

No more Mr. Nice Beard.   EDIT (7/21/2016): It has been brought to our attention that the save glitches mentioned in this review have been fixed upon release with a day one patch. The score at the end of the review will reflect this change of affairs. Ah, surprises.…
Ghostbusters 2016

Ghostbusters Review (PS4)

Ghostbusters: I ain’t afraid of no cash-ins.   I’d like to take a moment and apologize to my partner for going through one of the worst date nights we’ve ever had. There was…admittedly, a lot of negativity flying around, and some arguing, and we even threw up our hands…
Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII Review (PS4)

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII: More like “Romance of the Thirteen Menus”   When I consider all the things I enjoy in my preferred form of entertainment, I think I might be a bit of a masochist. I enjoy games that make me laugh, cry, and wrack my…
Prison Architect: Playstation 4 Edition

Prison Architect: Console Edition Review (PS4)

Prison Architect: SimCity 4 Goes to Prison.   So, last year, we reviewed a strange little game called Prison Architect, which was like if SimCity 4 was swallowed and spat out by the corporate prison system. It was a good game. This year, the game was ported and released…

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