Jamie Levitt

A games writer who battles everyday not to feel silly when he tells people that playing a game for two days straight so he can review it still counts as work. The Metal Gear Solid games are overrated, fight me.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 Review (PS4)

Does PES 2018 hit the back of the net? The beautiful game   Aside from a few exceptions, it’s only really sports games that are tied into annual sequels. While small amendments are constantly being made, generally speaking, soccer is played in the same way now as it has…

Tacoma Review (PC)

In space, everyone can hear you talk about your feelings OK, before we start this Tacoma Review, let’s get the “is it a game?” question out of the way. At the risk of being beaten into submission by scholars of semantics, my simple answer is “Yes”. If Tacoma and…

Time Travel and Techno – An Interview with All Walls Must Fall’s Jan David Hassel

Talking All Walls Must Fall, indie development, Berlin clubs and 90s gaming classics  Back in March, All Walls Must Fall found it’s way onto my Twitter timeline and I found it hard to believe just how for me the game felt. As a fan of techno, turn-based strategy and tech-noir aesthetics it was…

Career Mode Improvements PES And FIFA Should Make

How about some love for the loners? Current state of play   With each summer comes the promise of a new PES and FIFA game and this year is no exception. With the generic first sentence that you’ll read in every article about said games ever out of the…

Under The Radar: Virginia

Is it a game? Under The Radar is a series looking at those titles that we missed with a new take.   A Walking Simulator?   Is ‘walking simulator’ a derogatory term? As a description it probably places those games among the relatively recent spewing of Ironic Meta Joke Games™ –…

Domina Review (PC)

Are you not entertained? Remember that show Spartacus: Blood And Sand? For the uninitiated, it was an R-rated sex-and-death-athon telling the story of the titular gladiator’s rebellion against the Roman empire. I’ll admit, the show was totally a guilty pleasure. It mixed political scheming (and John Hannah chewing all…

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