Jake Yu

Jake Yu
Living in Southern California, Jacob is a Freelance Writer who struggles with the painful choice of either enjoying video games and watching anime (then writing about it) or enjoying the outdoors. He knows life could be worse, though.
Samurai Warriors 5

Samurai Warriors 5 Review (PS4)

Samurai Warriors 5 Keeps The Flame Burning Samurai Warriors 5 is the fifth installment of the Samurai Warriors franchise, a spin-off of the Dynasty Warriors line of games that follows tales of the legendary wars between titans on the battlefields of ancient China. Like the original source material, the…

Biomutant: How To Find The Mjut

How to find the Mjut in Biomutant In Biomutant, you can either tame or purchase about a dozen different mounts to help get you around the open world.  But one of the animals in this game is crucial for completing important side missions and progressing overall gameplay. This animal…
Googlide Wreckbox Locations

Biomutant: Googlide Wreckbox Locations

The Complete List of all the Googlide Wreckbox Locations in Biomutant ‘The Googlide’ is a 9-part side quest in Biomutant that kicks off when you first visit your NPC ally Goop in the Subnautica submarine pen.  When you meet him he is working on tuning up the Googlide, a…
Biomutant Suits

Complete Biomutant Suits Guide

Here’s a Complete List of all the Protective/Resistance Suits in Biomutant The world of Biomutant is one hell of a place: not only is it full of creatures that are out to tear you apart from limb to limb, but the environment itself is just waiting to destroy you…

Biomutant: How To Find The Oxygen Suit

Dress For the Occasion: Finding Biomutant’s Oxygen Suit It can be a real pain to navigate the numerous ‘Hypoxia Zones’ in Biomutant: some of them contain crucial mission objectives that advance overall gameplay, and others are chock-full of enemies that are bothersome enough to defeat without having to worry…

Biomutant: How To Find The Heat Zone Suit

Dress For the Occasion: Finding Biomutant’s Heat Zone Suit The world of Biomutant has many areas that are extremely hazardous to the player character, such radioactive zones, extreme heat/cold zones, hypoxia zones, and biohazard zones. You can die in literal seconds without protection but luckily, you can acquire special…

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