Jon Davis

Since my Dad bought me a Master System after a stint in hospital I've been utterly obsessed with video games. Sonic The Hedgehog was my first love, but since then, I've not been fussy with genres - RPGs, FPSs, MMORPGs, beat 'em ups and sports simulators - I play them all.
The Wizards: Enhanced Edition

The Wizards Enhanced Edition Review (PSVR)

Spelling It Out     Spellcasting in RPGs has always been a bit of a drag. Loading materia into your weapons and armour and then selecting a spell, or even heading into a menu to tinker with duration, intensity breaks the immersion and fun of magic for me. In…

Beat Blaster Review (PC)

Playing on Tilt     Beat Blaster is a game where you navigate their way through 30 procedurally generated levels while shooting and dodging your way past an array of increasingly challenging obstacles. All of this is done to a mostly monotonous soundtrack, that to be honest, you just…

Google announces Stadia; a new game streaming service

  4K 60fps On Any device of Your Choosing, Coming This Year   Google has unveiled its brand-new streaming service. It’s called Stadia and is due to launch in the UK and the US, Canada, and Europe sometime this year. It’s designed for users to be able to game…

Yakuza Kiwami Review (PC)

If You’ve Played Before, Read This First     OK, for the sake of brevity, let’s get the important bits out of the way. If you’ve clicked on this review, you’ve likely played Yakuza in its original format on the PS2 or the Yakuza Kiwami remake on the PS4. If…

Football Manager 2019 Review (PC)

Top Four Finish     Football Manager is always at its best when you can talk to your mates about its quirks and oddities. All the way back in 2008, before I gave up playing to focus on my final year at University, it was all about sharing my…
Artwork for Destiny 2: Forsaken

Destiny 2: Forsaken Review (PC)

Thanks For The Memories Cayde-6   Full disclosure – this isn’t the first time I’ve written this review. In fact, this is probably the third or fourth time since Destiny 2: Forsaken launched that I’ve chopped and changed this piece. Wanna know why? It’s because Bungie, the game’s creators…

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