Dougie Powell

Twenty-something journalist, based in both Helsinki, Finland and London, Britain. I'm mostly interested in RPGs, including Fantasy and Horror, but also write topical pieces on gaming culture. I live with my partner and our five-year-old Australian Kelpie, Vernon.

Sally Face Episode 4: The Trial Review (PC)

Never Too Much Sally Face I’ve been looking forward to writing this review for a long while now- since reviewing Episode Three in fact. I really wanted to explore more of this world and learn more about the characters. There are few games I’ve played that really compare to this.…

Banned Board Games – Serial Killer: The Board Game

Banned Board Games: Episode Seven – Serial Killer: The Board Game  Serial Killer: The Board Game, is the banned board game that truly proves video games are not the cause of violence in the world. Sure, there is plenty of violence in video games, but they didn’t start it.…

PlayStation 4 Beta of Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Announced

PlayStation 4 Beta of Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Available for Pre-Order Now   Swedish indie developers Fatshark have announced the PlayStation 4 Beta of their hugely successful melee action game Warhammer: Vermintide 2, available for pre-order today. “We’re thrilled to announce the long-awaited Beta of Warhammer: Vermintide 2 and for PlayStation…

Queer Games Bundle 2 Available Throughout November

MidBoss Put Together Queer Games Bundle 2     Pride may seem a long while off in these dark, bleak winter months, but don’t worry, Steam has got you covered. From today until the end of November, you’ll be able to purchase Queer Games Bundle 2, featuring nine games, all…

Fantasy RPG The Waylanders Hits Kickstarter Funding Goal

Gato Studio’s The Waylanders Reaches Fundraising Target   Inspiring news for future indie developers everywhere, Spanish developers Gato Studio’s project The Waylanders reached its Kickstarter goal with time to spare. The Waylanders, a fantasy, time-traveling RPG, had a Kickstarter goal of $150,000, which how now been surpassed. But the…

Overkill’s The Walking Dead Review (PC)

A Fan’s Dystopia   I honestly didn’t watch more than a few episodes of The Walking Dead TV show and haven’t read the comics. That wasn’t because I didn’t like the show or because I had something against it, I just never got around to watching more of it. I’m…

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